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Demonstrations of how to use material in the Econ-ARK
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Demonstrations of how to use material in the Econ-ARK.

Binder Build Status

Local installation

Option 1: With Jupyter

  1. Install jupyter.

  2. Clone DemARK to the folder of your choice

  3. Run pip install -r binder/requirements.txt to install dependencies

  4. Enable notebook extensions.

    On Linux/macOS:

    Run binder/postBuild in your terminal (at a shell in the binder directory, ./postBuild)

    On Windows:

    Run binder/postBuild.bat

  5. Run jupyter notebook from the DemARK root folder. You will be prompted to open a page in your web browser. From there, you will be able to run the notebooks.

  6. Run the notebook by clicking the ▶▶ button or choosing Kernel → Restart & Run All

Option 2: With Docker and repo2docker

  1. Install Docker
  2. Install repo2docker, using the "install from source" instructions
  3. Run jupyter repo2docker
  4. Follow the link in your terminal to the running instance of jupyter
  5. Run the notebook by clicking the ▶▶ button or choosing Kernel → Restart & Run All


We are eager to encourage contributions.

These can take the form either of new notebooks, or proposed edits for existing notebooks. Either kind of contribution can be made by issuing a pull request.

However, to deal with the well-known problem that normal jupyter notebooks do not "play nicely" with github version control, we will require interactions with contributors to be conducted after the installation of the jupytext tool. Specifically, you will need to follow the instructions for installing jupytext on your computer, and then need to configure it to use the "percent" format. Over time, we intend to add the necessary metadata to all our jupyter notebooks to make them automatically invoke jupytext when compiled.


Open an issue in this repository!

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