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FriGand - dynamic DNS update service for your Fritz!Box

FriGand helps your Fritz!Box updating a DNS A record

What it is

FriGand is a spring boot application written in java using jetty, jax-rs, jackson and feign

What you need

What it does

FriGand accepts a DynDNS update GET request from your Fritz!Box. The query parameters will be translated into a POST for the Gandi V5 API. It updates the @ A record for the given domain with a ttl of 300 seconds ( minimum).


Fritz!Box DynDNS support is able to issue a GET when connecting to the internet. No POST, no PUT, no headers. V5 API is RESTful and accepts a PUT with headers to update DNS records.

How to use it

Configure your Fritz!Box DynDNS to use the custom service.

Example URL:<username>&domain=<domain>&ipaddr=<ipaddr> 

Username has to be set to API Key and the domain is yours.

If you use it for personal purposes feel free to use our live instance shown.
We do not log anything or store your credentials - but I do understand if you run frigand yourself.

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