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= 2.1.1
* Stop modifying resource_specification_map in place [Joel Chippendale]
* Handle instance_methods containing Symbols in Ruby >= 1.9 [Lewis Marshall]
* Fix failing specs since 2.1.0 [Ian White]
* Add travis ci [Ian White]
= 2.1.0
* Gemify resources_controller and friends (thanks Josh Goebel)
gem name is `rc_rails`, see also `response_for_rails`, and `response_for_rc_rails`
* Remove Ardes namespace (BC preserved)
= Prior to gem release
* Make overriding ResourceMethods more sane. Thanks to Tom Stuart for the nudge.
* upgraded to Rails 3 and RSpec 2. Thanks to Andrew Bloomgarden for making this happen.
No BC with rails 2 - use the 2-3-stable branch for that.
* added ResourceMethods#destroy_resource, which calls destroy on the resource_service, which in turn finds the best way to
destroy the resource to trigger any association callbacks. Changed actions to use the destroy_resource method. (reported by Jason Lee)
NOTE: this may break some of your controller specs, they may report an unexpected :destroy message sent to an association.
You just need to expect this to happen when you have an enclosing resource.
* ResourceMethods#new_resource looks in params[singular_resource_class_name] for attributes, which makes RC much
more compatible with form_for (reported by Jason Lee)
* now calls #build if the service is an association, or #new otherwise (reported by Jason Lee)
NOTE: this may break some of your specs if you are expecting, say, a POST action to call :new on an association.
You just need to change the mocks to expect :build (when there's an enclosing resource, and is called)
* resource methods (new_resource, find_resource, and find_resources) are now in a mixin so it's easier
to override them. Just include a new mixin after the resources_controller_for call, or add them to your
action module.
* Allow new_resource to use the block initialisation syntax in rails 2.3 (reported by Chris Hapgood)
* Fix bug where id is the same name as the resource name [mocoso]
* Bugs introduced with RequestPathIntrospection (#5 and #6 on lighthouse) solved thanks to Sergei Serdyuk
* RC no longer uses the route that invoked the controller to figure out wildcard enclosing resources.
- this change means that you will no longer get those pesky 'NoRecognizedRoute' errors when your controller
is invoked by another route, such as a :controller/:action/:id route.
* Further relaxed RC's route pickiness. If a route is not recognised, construct segments from the params
* Relaxed RC's pickiness about what route was used to invoke a controller.
* Removed deprecation warning from save_resource, and added cautionary notes to the comments instead
* If you use your own Action modules, you can now define a module method #include_actions to do the :only / :except
handling yourself. See Ardes::ResourcesController::IncludeActions. This change is completely BC, you don't need
to do anything to any of your existing action modules.
* use add_enclosing_resource to add your own enclosing resources if you're skipping load_enclosing_resources [Tom Stuart, Joel Chippindale]
* The reason for the reversion in c21f35c has been fixed. Thanks Jason Lee for the bug report.
The problem was that I had changed resource_saved?'s behaviour to *not* saving the model if it had
already been saved. In the future resource_saved? will be deprecated, but not yet.
BTW. All of these changes to resource_saved? behaviour is aimed at making RC drop in compatible with
rspec's generated controller specs (try rake spec:generate).
To do that I need the default update action to use :update_attributes. This meant that the old strategy
of keeping track of saves by using save_resource wont work. Instead, we keep track by looking at the
AR's state (see lib/ardes/active_record/saved.rb) which is a far better solution anyway.
* API change: save_resource deprecated
So save_resource is now deprecated, just use
ActiveRecords can now be asked if they are saved?
* rspec compat: Added new rake task to test that an RC controller passes the default rspec_scaffold
controller specs.
* Added BC for 2-0-stable branch re: find_filter, and regression specs
* find_filter no longer exists in edge - updated accordingly [Jason Lee]
* Added ability to pass options to named route in form_for_resource
form_for_resource :url_options => {:gday => 'mate'}
# => action="/products/1?gday=mate" (for update)
# => action="/products?gday=mate" (for create)
* changed :erp to :resource_path, and added :resource_method.
This means you can connect a named route up with a REST action and also change the method
map.activate_account '/activate/:code', :controller => 'activations', :action => 'create', :resource_path => '/activations', :resource_method => :post
:erp retained for BC
* save_resource and resource_saved? added. These simply save the resource and cache
the result of that save. This means you can use the result of the resource save in your
response_for blocks (if you're using response_for)
response_for :create do |format|
if resource_saved?
format.html {}
format.html {}
def create
self.resource = new_resource
* added Ardes::ResourcesController.actions and
Ardes::ResourcesController.singleton_actions accessors so you can set the
default actions module across your app
* Added resource_saved? method to controller. This is useful for sharing the
result of a save outside action methods (for example in response_for blocks)
* added error_messages_for_resource to Helper
* fixed form_for_resource when resource is new and controller is for singleton
* added :erp patch, doc and specs [thanks Chris Hapgood for the initial patch]
Use the :erp param when you are routing a non RESTful route to your rc controller
This allows rc to load the resources using the route.
e.g. map.home '', :controller => 'forums', :action => 'index', :erp => '/forums'
* Removed deprecated options (in r492 - I forgot to say so)
* Coverage back to 100%
* you can alias an enclosing resource with :as
This can be useful when you have a tree like domain:
map.resources :categories do |category|
category.resources :categories
class CategoriesController < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :categories
map_resource :category, :as => :parent
* you can now specify which actions are loaded from the actions module
resources_controller_for :forums, :only => [:index, :show]
resources_controller_for :forums, :actions => MyActions, :except => :destroy
The method used to achieve this is Ardes::ResourcesController::include_actions
which can be used in any ActionController when resources_controller is in your
plugins directory
* - :polymorphic => true is back:
resources_controller_for :tags
nested_in :taggable, :polymorphic => true
This will load the enclosing resource (which can be a mapped resource) as
@taggable as well as its default name
The following syntax is equivalent to the above two lines:
resources_controller_for :tags, :in => '?taggable'
And you can specify a single wildcard '?' as well as expanding wildcards '*':
resources_controller_for :images, :in => '?', :load_enclosing => false
# this will work for routes like /users/1/images, /forums/2/images, /featured/images
- test coverage is up
- moved some of the 'friend' functionality out of Specification, as it smelt bad
* added specs for when you want to find_by_(something other than id) (users,
addresses, interests)
Fixed a bug where the resource mapping was using name instead of segment to
match when a map should be used (this meant mapping didn't work for non
singleton resources)
Thanks to Inviz <> and Matt Mower <>
for the bug reports
* Updated actions to be more in line with recent rails scaffold [Jason Lee <>]
* resources_controller now uses before_filter (instead of prepend_before_filter)
for load_enclosing_resources. So the resources will be loaded at the point
where resources_controller_for is specified. However, it only adds the
filter if it's not already there - so you can play around with the order if
you need to:
prepend_before_filter :load_enclosing_resources
resources_controller_for :foos
(common case for the above is where superclass defines filters that need
access to enclosing resources)
* resources_controller_for can now be specified more than once in a controller
heirachy. The latter definition will overwrite the previous one, and will
also 'reset' the nestings.
* First stab at namespace support:
map.namespace :admin do |admin|
admin.resources :forums
module Admin
module Forums < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :forums
in an action:
resources_path # => '/admin/forums'
enclosing_resources # => []
* Minor doc improvements
Speced better js response on edit and new actions [Jason Lee <>]
* The Routing patch has been removed from RC as it has been accepted and applied to edge (#8930).
This is not a dependency of RC, but it is of the specs - so grab latest edge to run them.
* Major internal changes, and some API change: see the rdoc for details.
The headlines:
- load_enclosing is now true by default
- BC: the old options work for now, but you'll get deprecation messages
- refactored a lot of code into friend classes - in particular there is now
ResourcesController::Specification which specifies how to find a resource from the route
* Fixed some problems with internals of RC when :load_enclosing => true
* resources_controller now supports singleton resources! and much better :load_enclosing support
Booya! =>
class TagsController < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :tags, :load_enclosing => true
this will service all these routes (loading the resources into assigns for the view)
/home/tags <= singular resource
/users/1/image/tags <= nested singular resource
class BlogController < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :blog, :singleton => true, :load_enclosing => true
class PostController < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :post, :load_enclosing => true
for /campaigns/1/blog
TODO: rewrite docs - for now check out the spec suite.
TODO: refactor code - I did it BDD stylee, so there's lots of specs but also a lot of code that 'is the simplest thing that makes the specs pass'
* resources_request has changed format - it now returns an array like this
[ {:name => "forums", :name_prefix => "forum_", :key => :forum_id, :id => "1"}, {:name => "posts"}]
Singular resources are detected properly (see spec/specs/resources_controller_spec for some tests).
This paves the way for singular_resource support, and better 'many routes/one controller' support
Decided that Patching Routing was a bad idea, so route is re-recognized using the request path. This
only happens for controllers with :load_enclosing => true
* You can now call methods such as enclosing_resource_path, enclosing_resources_path, etc
in your controller and view and the correct url helper will be called. These url_helpers are defined
as they are needed, so it's pretty fast.
* Removing routing decoration for now
* Enclosing resources are now all loaded by one method :load_enclosing which is a prepend_before_filter.
This means that you can access the enclosing resources in all before_filters, even when a subclass adds
more nestings.
class PostsController < ApplicationController
resources_controller_for :posts
class UserPostsController < PostsController
nested_in :user
before_filter {|c| raise 'boom' if == 'Santa'}
* Removed ResourceService proxy class. This was mainly used for BC with rails <= 1.2.2. If you're
using this, then freeze to r377 of resources_controller. The resource_service is now either an
ActiveRecord or association proxy.
* Added route decoration to access the recognized route in the controller (for future parsing of
singular resources, and better polymorphic support)
* Removed Ardes::ResourcesController::Spec::ViewHelper as it's best to not have a dependency
like this in your specs. Just stub out the resource methods that are needed by that view,
or use the default assigns.
* Named path support is much improved. All named routes for the current resource can be
called by substituting 'resource'. E.g. the following methods in your controller or
view will work: :formatted_resource_path, :preview_resource_path (if :preview is in :member),
:resource_tags_path, etc, etc.
This helps with decoupling the model name from the controller and view.
* Added flash tests [frederikfix at eml dot cc]
* Added rjs actions [frederikfix at eml dot cc]
* Added Ardes::ResourcesController::Spec::ViewHelper for easy view testing
* Added Helper#form_for_resource for easy form generation, see rdoc for details
* Enclosed named paths use the new edge rails conventions for named routes.
So to get the path to edit a child tag resource (where resource is 'forum:1')
edit_resource_tag_path(@tag) # => '/forums/1/tags/2/edit'
* Handles options passed to named routes
resource_path(:sort_by => 'article') # => '/forums/2?sort_by=article'
* Now handles enclosing named paths. You can reference named routes that are
'below' (or enclosed by) the current resource by appending resource_ to that
named route. [thanks Chris Hapgood for the initial idea]
* (find|new)_resource(s) methods are now defined by resources_controller_for only
if they do not already exist
* Better regexp for resources_request [Chris Hapgood]
* Added more specs to get coverage to 100%
* Upgraded to rpsec 0.9, improved Rakefile and specs so that spec:plugins will work
* Removed ApplicationController from spec/app.rb to avoid conflicts with en-
closing rails application
* Added method_missing proxy to ResourceService, to enable the resource_service
to be used for things other than find or new (for example Pagination) [Dan Kubb]
* Fixed small error in flash message of destroy action [Dan Kubb]
* Removing experimental cruft
* CHANGELOG started