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API Interface to the E-contract CRM
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E-Contract BVBA - CRM package

This package offers the integration of the CRM API. This API can be used by partners and affiliates of Aanbieders to commonicate with the Aanbieders internal CRM system.


Pull this package in through Composer:

        "require": {
            "econtract/crm": "4.*"

Or install it via the commandline:

    composer require econtract/crm

Next, you will need to add several values to your .env file:

    AB_CRM_URL=           // URL to the Aanbieders CRM system
    AB_CRM_ID=your_crm_api_id               // Your unique CRM API ID
    AB_CRM_KEY=your_crm_api_key             // Your unique CRM API key

In order to use the CRM API (and thus this package), an API key is required. If you are in need of such a key, please get in touch via evert [at]

Laravel installation

Add the service provider to your config/app.php file:

    'providers'             => array(



Add the CRM API as an alias to your config/app.php file

    'facades'               => array(

        'Crm'                   => \Econtract\Crm\Facades\Crm::class,



Laravel usage

You can access the API using the alias you have selected in your config/app.php file:

    $contract = Crm::getContract( 63 );

    $input = array(
        'producttype'                   => 'gas',
        'product_id'                    => 12,
        'supplier_id'                   => 5,

        'new_connection'                => false,
        'activation_date'               => '2015-03-19',
        'install_date'                  => '2015-03-17',

        'send_confirmation_mail'        => true,

    $contract = Crm::createOrder( $input );

For information regarding all possible parameters and their properties, please get in touch with via their website.

Non-laravel usage


    use Econtract/Crm/CrmService;

    $dotenv = new Dotenv\Dotenv(__DIR__);

    $crmService = new CrmService();
    $contract = $crmService->getContract( 63 );


This package is proprietary software and may not be copied or redistributed without explicit permission.


Evert Engelen (owner)

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