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Adds a shortcut to Tree View - Open MSYS Here in the context menu
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Open MSYS Here

This is a fork of Ziya SARIKAYA's open-conemu-here package. Since open-conemu-here does not provide a runtime choice of ConEmu Tasks, it not convenient to change the task only via package setting (extraArguments) every time when you want to choose different tasks.

The open-msys-here is nothing but another open-conemu-here package, but with open msys within ConEmu as default, with the help of msys terminal connector.

Install and Configure

  1. Unzip the package to atom library.
  2. Setup a MSYS Task in ConEmu as:
set CEMDIR=%ConEmuWorkDir% & cmd /k C:\msys\bin\conemu-msys-32.exe
  1. Change the cd "$HOME" of MSYS's profile as
if [ -n "$CEMDIR" ]; then
  CEMDIR1=$(echo "$CEMDIR" | sed -e 's/\\/\//g' -e 's/://')
  cd "/$CEMDIR1"
  cd "$HOME"

Note that we can not change the startup dir of MSYS by default, so we introduce the macro "$CEMDIR".


If you encounter a bug, performance issue, or malfunction, please add an Issue with steps on how to reproduce the problem.


Code and documentation are available according to the MIT License.

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