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ChaosTools is a compilation of several methods for investigating mathematical chaos and related topics.
Documentation on class structure is automatically generated by Doxygen and can be read at docs/html/index.html.
Build/Install System:
Consider bakefile.
Script an NSIS installer.
Code Structure and Cleanup:
Split GUI class into sperate files OR subclass widgets and make seperate files
Remove need for multiple toMath and toScreen functions.
Add full-fledged orbit viewer.
Add ability to modify rotation of each seperate point in IFS.
Add color manager.
Add extended precision option.
Make all computations run in threads, rather than just the more computationally intensive functions.
1. Download MsysGit from Current version as of writing can be found here:
2. Install Git and run the Git Bash shell. Create a folder called chaostools and enter the following commands:
cd chaostools
git init
git remote add origin git://
git pull origin master
You now have the latest chaostools trunk.
2. Download and install wxWidgets. wxWidgets abstracts the GUI elements and allows ChaosTools to be compiled in other operating systems. ChaosTools has been tested with versions 2.8 and 2.9. To gaurantee compatibility, download wxWidgets from this link:
Make sure you install wxWidgets in C:\wx29 . If you don't, you will need to change all of the library references in the build files.
Build wxWidgets in the versions labelled Debug and Release only. The others will take up space and be confusing. Ensure that they are built with the MTd and MT options, respectively.
3. Open the build project in MSVC++ version 9. It compiles with the express edition as well as newer versions and non-free versions. (It can also be compiled by gcc but the commands are quite long because of library references and the process hasn't been automated yet, see TODO. Try using wxDev-C++ for an easier time of gcc with wxWidgets)
It should compile without problem. If there are any issues please open a ticket on the github issue tracker.