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Update requirements.txt with latest versions #8

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requirements.txt should explicitly mention dependency versions.
Latest and greatest seem to work just fine.

Also, south was missing.


I've added the django-south requirement.

I'm not sure it makes sense to require specific versions of libraries, though; the code should work for a variety of versions, and I don't want to force unnecessary upgrades/downgrades. If you see any versions that don't work, let me know.

@ecprice ecprice closed this

@ecprice it is a common convention to have pip freeze > requirements.txt (which includes hard versions) to ensure that any future changes do not break compatibility. Upgrades/downgrades are moot if using proper virtual environments.

On a side note, the rest of the project is very much out of date and out of touch with Pythonic idioms and conventions, especially with regards to directory structure and project settings and environment.

I'd be happy to help out in standardizing this repository to bring it up to date.

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-Django <= 1.5
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