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ECRcentral logo design competition

ECRcentral is a central platform for early career researchers community to find and discuss funding opportunities, share experiences, mentor peers, and create impact through community engagement.

The current logo of ECRcentral is very basic and descriptive. With the upcoming release of ECRcentral on February 8th 2019 it is time for branding ourselves with a great logo.

Here, we are hosting a competition to design a new logo for the ECRcentral project.


Anybody can participate according to the following rules:

  • Submit your logo as a pull request for this project. Please follow the instructions for submitting.

  • Logos shall not look similar in any way to the trademarked logos.

  • A submission shall not be in violation with any copyrighted or trademarked work.

  • By contributing to this repository, you agree that the copyright for the contribution will be transferred to the ECRcentral (


  • All contributions needed to be uploaded by the end of March 4th 2019.
  • All votes need to be in by the end of March 10th 2019.

Announcement of Winner

The winner of the new logo competition will be announced on March 15th, 2019.


  • The top three submissions will get a free eLife t-shirt, given you will send us your postal address.

  • We will acknowledge the final winner name on our new website.

  • If the winner of the new logo will be attending ISMB/ECCB 2019, any of the ECRcentral team will take the winner out for dinner.

  • ECRcentral may carry the new logo (after any necessary edits) on its new homepage, Twitter and GitHub profile.

Desired features

  • The logo should look modern and be better than the current one (which is more descriptive)

  • The logo should represent the inclusion of global early career researchers from all areas of research interests

  • The logo should be submitted as SVG graphics

  • The logo should be able to be rendered as a favicon, as well as large (e.g. on a t-shirt). A design that provides two different versions (small and large rendering) is acceptable.

Source: This competition is adopted from biojava/logo