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Trigger Vue methods by pressing cmd+enter, windows+enter or ctrl+enter
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Trigger Vue methods by pressing cmd+enter, ctrl+enter or windows key+enter

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npm install meta-ctrl-enter --save


Why not use @keydown.meta.enter="myMethod"?

Tl;dr: On Windows keyboards, meta is the windows key (⊞), and this is not a "natural" modifier key. By using v-meta-ctrl-enter you'll be able to use ctrl+enter which is a widley used modifier key.

From Vue.js documentation:

On Macintosh keyboards, meta is the command key (⌘). On Windows keyboards, meta is the windows key (⊞). On Sun Microsystems keyboards, meta is marked as a solid diamond (◆). On certain keyboards, specifically MIT and Lisp machine keyboards and successors, such as the Knight keyboard, space-cadet keyboard, meta is labeled “META”. On Symbolics keyboards, meta is labeled “META” or “Meta”.


// Load using CommonJS syntax
const Vue = require('vue');
const MetaCtrlEnter = require('meta-ctrl-enter');

// Load using ES6 syntax
import Vue from 'vue';
import MetaCtrlEnter from 'meta-ctrl-enter';
    <input type="text" v-meta-ctrl-enter="submit">

    export default {
      methods: {
        submit(event) {
          // This will be triggered when pressing;
          // cmd + enter
          // windows key + enter
          // ctrl + enter
          console.log('triggered ...', event);


MIT © Daniel Eckermann

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