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Running the tests requires node.js. To run the suite of API tests:

node test/runtests.js sanity

cross-validation tests

The in-repo tests are just sanity/API checks, to really test out the library, run the cross-validation tests. These test the classifiers on large sets of real training data and give an error value (between 0 and 1) that indicates how good the classifier is at training. You can run the default cross-validation tests with:

node test/runtests.js cvalidate

(requires network access to the dbs of training data). Specify your own db and options to pass in:

node test/runtests.js cvalidate --type=neuralnet --db=http://localhost:5984/nndata --options='{learningRate:0.6}'

The db must be a CouchDB database of JSON objects with 'input' and 'output' fields.

browser tests

To run the browser tests:

node test/runtests.js browser

This will build a browser file from the current code and host a test page.