Store your Bitcoins in a deck of cards
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Deck Wallet

Store your Bitcoins in a deck of cards.

What is this?

A simple Android application that allows you to generate up to 52 bitcoin addresses by entering the order of a deck of cards plus an optional password.

About security

* Completely offline, it does not requires any permissions.
* You don't need to type anything (except the optional password), so it's not vulnerable to keyboard malware.
* Protection against typos and miss-entered cards.
* 2FA: Option to enter a password (or more than one to create secondary wallets) besides the deck itself.
* Obscurity: An attacker won't know there are bitcoins in that deck, even if they find it.


* Shuffle a deck of cards 7 times.
* Select the number of cards to use. 52 is recommended.
* Enter every card on the app.
* Optionally enter a password you won't forget (it's not possible to recover it!).
* Touch "Go!" to generate up to 52 bitcoin addresses.
* Optionally, copy the order of the cards into another deck, as backup.
* Double-check your deck wallet: Touch the 'Check' icon and re-enter the same password and card order.
* After checking it, send some bitcoins to your deck wallet and store your deck of cards in a safe place.