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;;; ecukes-cli.el --- Entry point when running Ecukes from terminal -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
(require 'f)
(require 's)
(require 'dash)
(require 'commander)
(require 'debug)
(defvar ecukes-path (f-dirname (f-this-file)))
(add-to-list 'load-path ecukes-path)
(require 'ecukes-core)
(require 'ecukes-load)
(require 'ecukes-new)
(require 'ecukes-project)
(require 'ecukes-run)
(require 'ecukes-stats)
(require 'ecukes-reporter)
(defvar ecukes-error-log-file))
(setq debug-on-error t)
(setq debug-on-signal t)
(setq debugger 'ecukes-debug)
(defvar ecukes-include-tags nil
"Scenario tags to include.")
(defvar ecukes-exclude-tags nil
"Scenario tags to exclude.")
(defvar ecukes-cli-reporter "dot"
"Default reporter.")
(defvar ecukes-cli-with-doc nil
"If the list-steps command show doc or not.")
(defvar ecukes-cli-with-file nil
"If the list-steps command show definition file or not.")
(defvar ecukes-async-timeout 10
"Timeout for async step definitions.")
(defvar ecukes-patterns nil
"Run scenarios matching any of the patterns.")
(defvar ecukes-anti-patterns nil
"Do not run scenarios matching any of the patterns.")
(defvar ecukes-only-failing nil
"Run only failing scenarios if true.")
(defconst ecukes-failing-scenarios-file ".ecukes-failing-scenarios"
"File to save list of failing scenarios in.")
(defconst ecukes-error-log "ecukes.err"
"Default file to log Ecukes error output to.")
;;;; Commands
(defun ecukes-cli/new ()
"Create new Ecukes files for project."
(defun ecukes-cli/list-steps ()
"Print all available steps defined for this project."
(ecukes-reporter-print-steps ecukes-cli-with-doc ecukes-cli-with-file))
(defun ecukes-cli/list-reporters ()
"Show list of available reporters."
(let ((ecukes-message t))
(princ " ")
(lambda (reporter)
(let ((name (car reporter))
(description (cdr reporter)))
(message " %s - %s" name description))))
(princ "\n")))
;;;; Options
(defun ecukes-cli/with-doc ()
"Include docstring when printing steps with 'list-steps'."
(setq ecukes-cli-with-doc t))
(defun ecukes-cli/with-file ()
"Include file name when printing steps with 'list-steps'."
(setq ecukes-cli-with-file t))
(defun ecukes-cli/verbose ()
"Show output comming from the actual package."
(setq ecukes-verbose t))
(defun ecukes-cli/quiet ()
"Do not show output comming from the actual package."
(setq ecukes-verbose nil))
(defun ecukes-cli/tags (tag-string)
"Only execute the scenarios with tags matching TAG-STRING.
Examples: --tags @dev, --tags @dev,~@local
A tag starting with ~ excluded from the scenarios."
(s-split "," tag-string)
(lambda (tag)
(if (s-prefix-p "~" tag)
(!cons (s-chop-prefix "~@" tag) ecukes-exclude-tags)
(!cons (s-chop-prefix "@" tag) ecukes-include-tags)))))
(defun ecukes-cli/run (&rest args)
(ecukes-reporter-use ecukes-cli-reporter)
(let ((feature-files))
(lambda (arg)
(let ((path (f-expand arg (ecukes-project-path))))
(if (f-dir? path)
(lambda (file)
(s-matches? "\.feature$" file))
(lambda (feature-file)
(!cons feature-file feature-files)))
(!cons path feature-files)))))
(ecukes-run feature-files)))
(defun ecukes-cli/help ()
"Display usage information."
(let ((ecukes-message t))
(ecukes-quit 0))
(defun ecukes-cli/reporter (reporter)
"Select reporter (default: dot)."
(setq ecukes-cli-reporter reporter))
(defun ecukes-cli/timeout (timeout)
"How long to wait for async steps before quitting."
(setq ecukes-async-timeout (string-to-number timeout)))
(defun ecukes-cli/patterns (&rest patterns)
"Run scenarios matching a pattern."
(setq ecukes-patterns patterns))
(defun ecukes-cli/anti-patterns (&rest patterns)
"Do not run scenarios matching a pattern."
(setq ecukes-anti-patterns patterns))
(defun ecukes-cli/only-failing ()
"Run only failing scenarios."
(setq ecukes-only-failing t))
(defun ecukes-cli/debug ()
"Run in debug mode (show all output and stacktraces)."
(ecukes-on-debug 'princ))
(defun ecukes-cli/error-log (&optional file)
"Log error backtrace to file."
(lambda (backtrace)
(f-write-text backtrace 'utf-8 (or file ecukes-error-log)))))
(defun ecukes-cli/script ()
"Run Ecukes as a script/batch job (default).")
(defun ecukes-cli/win ()
"Run Ecukes with full GUI window.")
(defun ecukes-cli/no-win ()
"Run Ecukes without GUI window.")
;;;; Commander schedule
(setq commander-args (-reject 's-blank? (s-split " " (getenv "ECUKES_ARGS"))))
(name "ecukes")
(description "Cucumber for Emacs")
(config ".ecukes")
(default ecukes-cli/run "features")
(command "new" ecukes-cli/new)
(command "list-steps" ecukes-cli/list-steps)
(command "list-reporters" ecukes-cli/list-reporters)
(option "--with-doc" ecukes-cli/with-doc)
(option "--with-file" ecukes-cli/with-file)
(option "--verbose" ecukes-cli/verbose)
(option "--quiet" ecukes-cli/quiet)
(option "-h, --help" ecukes-cli/help)
(option "--debug" ecukes-cli/debug)
(option "--tags <tag-string>" ecukes-cli/tags)
(option "--script" ecukes-cli/script)
(option "--no-win" ecukes-cli/no-win)
(option "--win" ecukes-cli/win)
(option "--reporter <reporter>, -r <reporter>" ecukes-cli/reporter)
(option "-t <seconds>, --timeout <seconds>" ecukes-cli/timeout)
(option "-p <*>, --patterns <*>" ecukes-cli/patterns)
(option "-a <*>, --anti-patterns <*>" ecukes-cli/anti-patterns)
(option "-f, --only-failing" ecukes-cli/only-failing)
(option "-l [file], --error-log [file]" ecukes-cli/error-log))
(if (> ecukes-stats-steps-failed 0) 1 0))
;;; ecukes-cli.el ends here