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;;; ecukes-parse.el --- Simple line by line parser for feature files
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'dash)
(require 's)
(require 'ecukes-def)
(defconst ecukes-parse-intro-re
"^\\s-*Feature:\\s-*\\(.+[^ ]\\)\\s-*$"
"Regexp matching feature header.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-background-re
"Regexp matching background header.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-scenario-re
"^[\t ]*Scenario:[\t ]*\\(.+?\\)[\t ]*$"
"Regexp matching scenario header.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-outline-re
"^[\t ]*Scenario Outline:[\t ]*\\(.+?\\)[\t ]*$"
"Regexp matching scenario outline header.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-examples-re
"^[\t ]*Examples:"
"Regexp matching scenario outline examples header.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-step-re
"^\\s-*\\(Given\\|When\\|Then\\|And\\|But\\)\\s-+\\(.+[^ ]\\)\\s-*$"
"Regexp matching step.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-tags-re
"Regexp matching scenario tags.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-py-string-re
"Regexp matching py string.")
(defconst ecukes-parse-table-re
"Regexp matching table.")
(defun ecukes-parse-feature (feature-file)
(insert (f-read-text feature-file 'utf-8))
(goto-char (point-min))
(let* ((tags)
(intro (ecukes-parse-intro))
(background (ecukes-parse-background))
(outlines (ecukes-parse-outlines))
(scenarios (append (ecukes-parse-scenarios) (-mapcat 'ecukes-generate-outlined-scenarios outlines))))
(goto-char (point-min))
(when (re-search-forward ecukes-parse-intro-re nil t)
(setq tags (ecukes-parse-tags))
(lambda (scenario)
(ecukes-scenario-tags scenario)
(-concat tags (ecukes-scenario-tags scenario))))
(make-ecukes-feature :intro intro :background background :outlines outlines :scenarios scenarios))))
(defun ecukes-parse-intro ()
"Parse intro."
(when (re-search-forward ecukes-parse-intro-re nil t)
(let (description (header (match-string 1)))
(while (not (progn (forward-line 1) (ecukes-parse-new-section-p)))
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line t)))
(if line (push line description))))
(make-ecukes-intro :header header :description (nreverse description)))))
(defun ecukes-parse-background ()
"Parse background."
(when (re-search-forward ecukes-parse-background-re nil t)
(let ((steps (ecukes-parse-block-steps)))
(make-ecukes-background :steps steps))))
(defun ecukes-parse-outlines ()
"Parse all scenario outlines."
(goto-char (point-min))
(let (outlines)
(while (re-search-forward ecukes-parse-outline-re nil t)
(push (ecukes-parse-outline) outlines))
(nreverse outlines)))
(defun ecukes-parse-outline ()
"Parse a single scenario outline."
(let ((name (ecukes-parse-outline-name))
(tags (ecukes-parse-tags))
(steps (ecukes-parse-block-steps))
(table (ecukes-parse-outline-table)))
(make-ecukes-outline :name name :tags tags :steps steps :table table)))
(defun ecukes-parse-outline-name ()
"Parse scenario outline name."
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(nth 1 (s-match ecukes-parse-outline-re line)))))
(defun ecukes-parse-outline-table ()
"Parse examples table for a scenario outline."
(catch 'table
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(while (and (not (s-matches? ecukes-parse-examples-re (or line "")))
(not (ecukes-parse-new-section-p)))
(forward-line 1)
(setq line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(when (s-matches? ecukes-parse-examples-re (or line ""))
(throw 'table (ecukes-parse-table-step)))))))
(defun ecukes-substitute-in-steps (steps subs)
(-map (lambda (step)
(let ((gen (copy-ecukes-step step))
(type (ecukes-step-type step)))
(setf (ecukes-step-name gen) (ecukes-substitute-in-string (ecukes-step-name gen) subs)
(ecukes-step-body gen) (ecukes-substitute-in-string (ecukes-step-body gen) subs))
((eq type 'py-string)
(setf (ecukes-step-arg gen) (ecukes-substitute-in-string (ecukes-step-arg gen) subs)))
((eq type 'table)
(setf (ecukes-step-arg gen) (ecukes-substitute-in-table (ecukes-step-arg gen) subs))))
(defun ecukes-substitute-in-string (string subs)
(let ((new-s (copy-sequence string))
(reps (copy-sequence subs)))
(while (not (zerop (length reps)))
(setq new-s (s-replace (format "<%s>" (car reps)) (cadr reps) new-s))
(setq reps (cddr reps)))
(defun ecukes-substitute-in-table (table subs)
(-map (lambda (row)
(-map (lambda (cell) (ecukes-substitute-in-string cell subs)) row))
(defun ecukes-generate-outlined-scenarios (outline)
"Generate scenarios from an outline."
(let* ((name (ecukes-outline-name outline))
(steps (ecukes-outline-steps outline))
(tags (ecukes-outline-tags outline))
(table (ecukes-outline-table outline))
(header (car table)))
(-map (lambda (row)
(make-ecukes-scenario :name name :tags tags :steps (ecukes-substitute-in-steps steps (-interleave header row))))
(cdr table))))
(defun ecukes-parse-scenarios ()
"Parse scenarios."
(goto-char (point-min))
(let (scenarios)
(while (re-search-forward ecukes-parse-scenario-re nil t)
(push (ecukes-parse-scenario) scenarios))
(nreverse scenarios)))
(defun ecukes-parse-scenario ()
"Parse scenario."
(let ((name (ecukes-parse-scenario-name))
(tags (ecukes-parse-tags))
(steps (ecukes-parse-block-steps)))
(make-ecukes-scenario :name name :steps steps :tags tags)))
(defun ecukes-parse-scenario-name ()
"Parse scenario name."
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(nth 1 (s-match ecukes-parse-scenario-re line)))))
(defun ecukes-parse-tags ()
"Parse tags."
(forward-line -1)
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line t)))
(when (and line (s-matches? ecukes-parse-tags-re line))
(lambda (tag)
(substring tag 1))
(split-string line "\\s-+")))))))
(defun ecukes-parse-block-steps ()
"Parse steps in block."
(let (steps)
(while (ecukes-forward-step)
(let ((step (ecukes-parse-step)))
(push step steps)))
(nreverse steps)))
(defun ecukes-parse-step ()
"Parse step."
(let* ((name (ecukes-parse-line t))
(matches (s-match ecukes-parse-step-re name))
(head (nth 1 matches))
(body (nth 2 matches))
(setq arg (ecukes-parse-py-string-step))
(setq type 'py-string))
(setq arg (ecukes-parse-table-step))
(setq type 'table))
(t (setq type 'regular)))
(make-ecukes-step :name name :head head :body body :type type :arg arg)))
(defun ecukes-parse-table-step-p ()
"Check if step is a table step or not."
(forward-line 1)
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-table-re line))))
(defun ecukes-parse-table-step ()
"Parse table step."
(forward-line 1)
(let (rows)
(while (s-matches? ecukes-parse-table-re (ecukes-parse-line))
(push (ecukes-parse-table-step-row) rows)
(forward-line 1))
(nreverse rows))))
(defun ecukes-parse-table-step-row ()
"Parse row in table."
(let ((row (ecukes-parse-line)))
(butlast (cdr (split-string row "\\s-*|\\s-*")))))
(defun ecukes-parse-py-string-step-p ()
"Check if step is a py string step or not."
(forward-line 1)
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-py-string-re line))))
(defun ecukes-parse-py-string-step ()
"Parse py string step."
(forward-line 1)
(let ((whites
(forward-line 1)
(while (not (s-matches? ecukes-parse-py-string-re (ecukes-parse-line)))
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line)))
(push (if (<= whites (length line)) (substring line whites) nil) lines))
(forward-line 1))
(s-join "\n" (nreverse lines))))
(defun ecukes-parse-line (&optional strip-whitespace)
"Parse current line."
(let* ((raw (buffer-substring (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position)))
(line (if strip-whitespace (s-trim raw) raw)))
(if (and strip-whitespace (equal line "")) nil line)))
(defun ecukes-forward-step ()
"Go one step forward within current section."
(forward-line 1)
(let ((line (ecukes-parse-line t)))
(unless (ecukes-parse-new-section-p)
(if (s-matches? ecukes-parse-step-re (or line ""))
(not (not line))
(defun ecukes-parse-new-section-p ()
"Check if current line is the start of a new section."
(let ((line (or (ecukes-parse-line t) "")))
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-background-re line)
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-outline-re line)
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-examples-re line)
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-scenario-re line)
(s-matches? ecukes-parse-tags-re line))))
(provide 'ecukes-parse)
;;; ecukes-parse.el ends here