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"Buffer is read-only" error when running M-x ecukes more than once. #101

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Brian Zwahr Johan Andersson
Brian Zwahr

I'm in Emacs in a file in my project. I run M-x ecukes and ecukes run and displays its output in the ecukes buffer. If I run M-x ecukes again, I get this error:

ecukes: Buffer is read-only: #<buffer *ecukes*>

Also, I noticed that the ecukes buffer is just a Fundamental buffer. What about making this its own buffer/mode and/or use the building compilation mode? I would love to be able to, for instance, press 'g' in the ecukes buffer to re-run the tests.

Brian Zwahr

I found the culprit. In the (ecukes) function, read-only is set after the output is inserted, but read-only is not unset before erasing the buffer for new content. Also, (toggle-read-only) is still used, although this is deprecated in favor of (read-only-mode) now.

Johan Andersson

Sound like a good idea. I almost never use Ecukes from inside Emacs, so I'll rely on your feedback.

Brian Zwahr

I fixed the issue and added a pull request.


Johan Andersson

Merged! I also added an issue to create a major Ecukes mode (#103)

Johan Andersson rejeep closed this
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