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tkf commented Feb 18, 2013

It would be nice if ecukes provide a command to go to matching step definition at point. This makes easier to jump to elisp file from feature file.


rejeep commented Feb 18, 2013

Yeah, that would be great. It would be awesome if steps in Espuds could be found also. Hacking on it...


tkf commented Feb 18, 2013

Good to know!


rejeep commented Feb 21, 2013

I created a branch goodies ( with this branch and the step-docstring branch. Before I merge everything I just want to fix the issue that wrap-region need to have (require 'cl) outside eval-when-compile. Do you have any ideas?


tkf commented Feb 21, 2013

If you want to use find-if, I don't think there is a way to avoid loading cl at run-time. If you don't want to load cl at run-time, how about using loop macro? It is from cl but it is a macro, so you don't need to load cl at run-time. It's going to be like this (untested):

(loop for w in wrappers
      if (member major-mode (wrap-region-wrapper-modes w))
      return w)

instead of

 (lambda (wrapper)
   (member major-mode (wrap-region-wrapper-modes wrapper)))

Or you can use dash.el.


rejeep commented Feb 22, 2013

I don't know why I pasted that comment in this issue. Should have been in rejeep#90

When I wrote wrap-region (and many other of my packages) dash.el and s.el didn't exist. So I will update them all eventually. I still need cl for structs though.

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