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;;; espuds-region.el --- region related definitions
;; Deactivates mark.
;; Usage:
;; Given there is no region selected
(Given "^there is no region selected$"
(lambda ()
;; Activates transient mark mode.
;; Usage:
;; Given transient mark mode is active
;; Given transient mark mode is inactive
(Given "^transient mark mode is \\(active\\|inactive\\)$"
(lambda (status)
(if (string= status "active") 1 -1))))
;; Sets the mark at point.
;; Usage:
;; When I set the mark
(When "^I set the mark$"
(lambda ()
(set-mark (point))))
;; Pop and move point to the top position on the mark-ring
;; Usage:
;; When I pop the mark
(When "^I pop the mark$"
(lambda ()
(set-mark-command 4)))
;; Asserts that the selected region is same as EXPECTED.
;; Usage:
;; Then the region should be "REGION"
;; Then the region should be:
;; """
;; """
(Then "^the region should be\\(?: \"\\(.*\\)\"\\|:\\)$"
(lambda (expected)
(let ((actual (espuds-region))
(message "Expected the region to be '%s', but was '%s'."))
(assert (equal expected actual) nil message expected actual))))
;; Asserts that the region is not active.
;; Usage:
;; Then the region should not be active
(Then "^the region should not be active$"
(lambda ()
(let ((message "Expected the region not to be active, but it was."))
(assert (not (region-active-p)) nil message))))
(provide 'espuds-region)
;;; espuds-region.el ends here
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