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A 3D software rasterizer... for the terminal!
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sloth - A one-of-a-kind Rust 3D Renderer for the CLI


A one-of-a-kind command line 3D software rasterizer made with termion, tobj, and nalgebra. Currently it supports OBJ file formats without textures.

Javascript Export Demonstration

Getting Started / Uses

Here's a few really simple commands for you to get started.

You can replace sloth <args> with cargo run --release -- <args> anywhere

Render pikachu

sloth models/Pikachu.obj

For multiple models:

sloth "models/suzy.obj models/suzy.obj"

You can also generate a static image:

sloth models/Pikachu.obj image -w <width_in_pixels> -h <height_in_pixels>

You can also generate a portable Javascript render like this:

sloth models/Pikachu.obj image -j <number_of_frames> -w <width_in_pixels> -h <height_in_pixels> > src-webify/data.js

Thank you, contributors!

Maxgy – Rustfmt lint donbright – STL model loading added, Rustfmt lint jonathandturner – Crossterm port

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