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Lightning Network Nodes and Wallets

  1. lnd
  2. Zap! Litecoin Lightning Network wallet for desktop and iOS.
  3. RaspiBlitz LN Node Fastest and cheapest way to get your own Lightning Node running on Raspberry Pi.
  4. Lightning in a Box Merchant focused plug and play Lightning Network node. Comes with btcpay and BTC/LTC support.

Lightning Network Apps for Litecoin

  1. Telegram bot that you can query for network information about LTC's Lightning Network from LiteStrike's lnd node.
  2. SparkSwap Atomic Swap exchange startup with BTC and LTC support.
  3. Million Litecoin Homepage Place to draw pictures by buying pixels. You can override a pixel for the same price of the last purchase, so it will always cost 1 litoshi / pixel except if someone wants to pay more (from 10 litoshis to 1 ltc) to draw pixels. This disincentivizes people not to draw over your pixels.
  4. Similar to where you can draw by buying pixels. Unlike Million Litecoin Homepage, there is no upcharge to make it more expensive to replace a pixel.
  5. Non-custodial Atomic Swap exchange.

Lightning Stores

  1. Bitrefill Prepaid phone minutes, steam vouchers, and reddit gold.
  2. LTCShop A store that sells stickers!
  3. Litecoin and other cryptocurrency themed vinyls, coasters, and magnets.

Lightning Network Merchant Processors

  1. Coingate The very first merchant processor to offer Litecoin Lightning Network payments for businesses to integrate.