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VOU-Blazars is an extremely alpha version of blazars search tool. There are still a lot of things to be modified. Such as the SED mode, the counterpart in second phase, the very close radio but not in NVSS psf region, and the cross-matching method need to be updated. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.


Go to the folder where you download the VOU-Blazars

$ git pull

to update the VOU-Blazars for latest version.



See below for dependencies setup.

Compiling Fortran programs

Once the dependencies have been satisfied, go inside VOU_Blazars/bin/fort and run the script:

$ git clone
$ cd VOU_Blazars
$ cd bin/fort
$ ./
$ cd ../..

Note that if the script doesn't work, maybe there is some problem with the path of the PGPLOT library. You could compile the mylib.f first with command

$ gfortran -c mylib.f -ffixed-line-length-132

and then all the other programs (with .f file name) with command

$ gfortran -o $XXX $XXX.f -ffixed-line-length-132 mylib.o -L${HOME}/pgplot -lpgplot

Change the PGPLOT path to where you put the PGPLOT library.

Always compile all the Fortran routines/subroutines inside the folder "fort"

Setup EADA/Conesearch pipeline

If you use Anaconda Python Distribution, you can install EADA in its own (virtual) environment:

$ conda create -n eada2 python=2 pip
$ source activate eada2
$ pip install astropy
$ pip install pyvo
$ pip install pyyaml
$ git clone
$ cd eada
$ pip install .

Setup PGPlot - MACOS

MacOS users are advised to use brew

$ brew install pgplot

Running VOU-Blazars

Guarantee EADA's conesearch tool is available in your environment -- check this note's section Setup EADA/Conesearch pipeline.

To run the tool, RA, DEC, SEARCH_RADIUS are mandatory to input., and the other parameters, nH and error regions are optionals. The input could be RA, Dec, Radius, nH (if specified), error radius (if specified)

Before running the tool, make sure that you are under the main folder where the VOU-Blazars are installed and have activated the eada environment Bin folder should inside the VOU_Blazars folder.

$ cd VOU_Blazars
$ source activate eada
$ ./bin/vou-blazars RA DEC SEARCH_RADIUS

The optional error radius could be :

  • one circle or two circle. (error radius)
  • one elliptical or two elliptical (major axis, minor axis, angle)
  • one circle and one elliptical (circle first)
  • nothing

The R.A. Dec. are in degrees, and searching radius is in arcmin. nH is in cm^2. The radius of the error circles and the axes of the error ellipticals are in arcmin. The position angle is in degree, north-east on sky.

The nh are set to 5.e20 if no specify and no Heasoft installed. (If you have installed the Heasoft, and did not specify the nh, it will use the value calculated by Heasoft). The error radius are set to 0. If not specify.


$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30.

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 3.e21

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 3.e21 15 7
(With 2 error circles, one radius 15, the other radius is 7)

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 15 7
(Same as above, just no nh specified)

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 15
(Only specify one error circle radius, and the other is set to 0.)

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 3.e21 15 10 120
(Specify the nh, and the error elliptical, major axis, minor axis, position angle)

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 20 15 10 120
(Specify two error regions, one is circle with radius 20, the other is elliptical 15 10 120 degrees)
Note that if you specify one circle and one elliptical, circle go first.

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 3.e21 20 15 10 120
(Same as above, but also specify the nh value)

$ ./bin/vou-blazars 153.76 49.43 30. 3.e21 15 10 120 5 2 90
(Specify two error ellipticals)