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Having a shortcut (⌥ + Tab) to quickly navigate through different windows (in addition to apps with cmd+tab) would be great!

Witch provides this functionality, along with many other not so usefull. In my opinion, the only useful thing to add would be the possibility to change the sorting behavior of the shortcut (sort windows by applications, by most used, alphabetical order, etc..).


OS X has that kind of thing built in. Try (Cmd + `).


I know about that, but 1. for AZERTY keyboards, this shortcut is useless because unhandy, 2. it does not navigate on all apps, but only the active one (not so useful).
Tell me if I'm wrong.


I am confused, what is the feature you are trying to describe? As stated it is already possible to cycle through windows in an application, as well as entire applications. I understand their may be a problem with CMD+` with AZERTY keyboards, but other than that what is the problem?


The good thing about the main feature in witch is that you can cycle through all the apps, plus their windows in the same time :-)
The default shortcut is Option + Tab, similar to the actual Cmd + Tab reserved to cycle through apps only. I think it would be nice to have this feature in Spectacle, but it is just a suggestion.


The feature he is trying to describe is that Cmd+Tab cycles through APPLICATIONS (in MRU order) and Cmd+` cycles through WINDOWS of the CURRENT application (in a cycle, not MRU). What he wants is something that cycles through ALL WINDOWS from ALL APPLICATIONS that are currently running (presumably in most-recently-used order). For people coming from other operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc...) or who frequently switch between operating systems, that's the most comfortable behavior for them.


Yes exactly :-)
I must admit that I changed the Cmd + ` shortcut to Option + Tab, and now it's better on my AZERTY keyboard.

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