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Happens with any key combination on OSX Mavericks 10.9.1. Same assigned key combination works to resize other applications into thirds.


I can confirm this happens for me as well


This is a bummer.


I had the same problem. This seems to be caused by the BlacklistedWindowRects code in 'moveWindowRect:'

The BlacklistedWindowRects are persisted in the user preferences, so I was able to hack around this by doing:
defaults delete com.divisiblebyzero.Spectacle

Obviously not a proper fix, but I'm not sure I understand the point of BlacklistedWindowRects


@drpowell I tried running defaults delete com.divisiblebyzero.Spectacle in iterm2 but I still can't resize to one thirds


@pickle27 Did you first stop spectacle when you cleared the defaults?

Alternatively, you could try this patch to disable the BlacklistedWindowRects code:

diff --git a/SpectacleWindowPositionManager.m b/SpectacleWindowPositionManager.m
index 31cd9c5..5e690ac 100644
--- a/SpectacleWindowPositionManager.m
+++ b/SpectacleWindowPositionManager.m
@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@
     NSString *frontMostApplicationName = ZKAccessibilityElement.frontMostApplicationName;
     NSString *blacklistedWindowRect = BlacklistedWindowRect(frontMostApplicationName, windowRect);

-    if ([_blacklistedWindowRects containsObject: blacklistedWindowRect] || [_blacklistedApplications containsObject: fr
+    if ([_blacklistedApplications containsObject: frontMostApplicationName]) {

hmm I did not. I'll try again thanks!


still nothing, haven't tried the patch though


Hmm, bummer. For me, the problem is definitely the blacklisting of rects, the patch fixes it - although presumably disables some useful functionality. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the source can suggest a proper fix.


I'm experiencing this issue as well. Spectacle can resize the iTerm window to full screen, half screen, top half and bottom half, but not thirds.

iTerm2 build
Spectacle 0.8.4 (13)
OSX Mavericks 10.9.2

I really like spectacle, keep up the good work!

EDIT: This issue only occurs on my external monitor, an Acer P221W. It does not occur on the MacBook screen.


Same here, Spectacle can't seem to resize Terminal to thirds (but moving between monitors, halfs, etc works fine, same keyboard shortcut works to do other things).

OSX Mavericks 10.9.2.


Works well for me now in Spectacle 0.8.5. Thanks!

@eczarny eczarny closed this Jun 22, 2014

Just as a memo for the next guy:

If you happen to have the problem that iterm2 won't respond at all to spectacle, reboot osx.
I just installed iterm2 and spectacle on a fresh OSX, and got this issue.
After a reboot, everything works as expected.


For me it works going to the left now but not to the right, and I put my terminal on the right :(


I'm experiencing the same issue as @pickle27
Works to the left, not to the right.


This seems to be to still be a problem. Maybe should we reopened for tracking. I don't think reboots are working for me. I have mine bound to alt-leftarrow/rightarrow

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