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Converts *.mid files into Scratch readable data
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MIDI Importer v1.0

Hi! Thanks for downloading my program and taking the time to read this.

I'd just like to start off by thanking the producers of NAudio for their amazing MIDI library, without which this project would not be possible.


You will need to have the Microsoft.Net Framework v4.0 installed on your computer in order to run the program.

You can obtain a copy here:

Running for the first time

On Windows 8 and above, the first time you run the program you may see the Windows SmartScreen filter pop up, blocking the application.

If this happens, you need to click on 'More info' and select 'Run anyway'

Using the program

Click load and find the .mid file you want to import into Scratch.

Then, for each of the tracks, select which Scratch voice you want to use for it by clicking on the dropdown. You can also mute tracks by clicking on the 'mute' checkbox.

If you wish to not save the drum beat, you can uncheck the tick box for 'Import drum beat'. This is recommended if your midi file does not have any drum beat.

Where will my files be stored

When you save an extracted midi file, the data will be saved to C:\Users\NAME\Documents\MIDI Importer\SONG NAME\

Depending on the options you select, in that folder you may have up to 11 files:

  • Bar Tempo.txt
  • Drums - Drum.txt
  • Drums - Duration.txt
  • Drums - Indexes.txt
  • Drums - Start.txt
  • Drums - Volume.txt
  • Notes - Duration.txt
  • Notes - Indexes.txt
  • Notes - Pitch.txt
  • Notes - Start.txt
  • Notes - Voice.txt
  • Notes - Volume.txt

Each file will contain data about your song and when you import the song each file will need to be uploaded.

To simplify the process I have put a step by step importer in the project to help you along the way.

Additional support

If you need any additional support, please contact me at:

Or, on the MIDI importer project itself: