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EDA Fiscal Printer Gateway
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- Prints Storno/Rev Reason as Fiscal text on devices that doesn't support 'reason'
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EDA FPGate Server

EDA FPGate Server is application service which provide unified access to fiscal printers. The server is not complied to UnifiedPOS specification, but is made to be simple of use. It is restful web service application which provide unified protocol for access to various fiscal devices (fiscal printers and cash registers). The main goal of FPGate is to separate common programming logic for work with fiscal devices from complexity to manage variety of fiscal devices.

FPGate server is application which provide web API for access to unlimited number of predefined set of fiscal printers. The server contains two main components:

1.Administration (HTML) interface for defining printers and users http://localhost:8182/admin/

2.Application JSON protocol API interface for using printers http://localhost:8182/print/

Current version of FPGate supports following fiscal printers:

  • Tremol full range of fiscal printers via ZFPLabServer (No real tests was made)
  • DATECS FP-800, FP-2000, FP-650, SK1-21F, SK1-31F, FMP-10, FP-550 (Real test was made only on FP2000!)
  • Daisy fiscal printers (No real tests was made)

Current version of FPGate supports following cash registers:

  • Tremol full range of cash registers via ZFPLabServer (Real tests was made with S21)
  • DATECS DP-05, DP-25, DP-35, WP-50, DP-150 (Real tests was made with DP-150)
  • Daisy cash registers (Real tests was made with Compact M)


  • Java Runtime Environment 8.0+
  • Drivers for implemented fiscal printers. For Tremol fiscal devices ZFPLabServer 1902191535 or newer is required.


  1. Download latest release of FPGateSrvInstall.jar from Github.
  2. Start FPGateSrvInstall.jar and complete the process.
  3. Install printer drivers/libraries.
  4. Start FPGate Server with $INSTALL_PATH\bin\FPGateSrv.cmd
  5. Configure server from Control panel and setup user administrator.
  6. Launch browser and go to FPGate server administration (for example: http://localhost:8182/admin/)
  7. Define printers and users.
  8. Defined printers are ready to be used from applications (see examples bellow).


API for access to printers is based on simple JSON-RPC ( application protocol over HTTP/HTTPS. All API calls to services are in form of posting JSON Request object and receiving Response object as result of execution of request.

Request Object

Request Object contains following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
jsonrpc String A String specifying the version of the JSON-RPC protocol. MUST be exactly "2.0".
method String A String containing the name of the method/printer command to be invoked. Method names that begin with the word rpc followed by a period character (U+002E or ASCII 46) are reserved for rpc-internal methods and extensions and MUST NOT be used for anything else.
params Object A Structured value that holds the parameter values to be used during the invocation of the method.
id String An identifier established by the Client that MUST contain a String, Number, or NULL value if included.

'params' object in request contain following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
Printer Object with following attributes
.ID String Unique ID of printer
.Model String Optional name of Printer Model Class (in case of using printer not defined on server)
.Params Object Optional Hash map with printer parameters in form of pairs parameter_name = value
Command String Name of Printer Command
Arguments Array Array of strings with arguments of command

Response Object

Response Object contains following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
jsonrpc String A String specifying the version of the JSON-RPC protocol. MUST be exactly "2.0".
result Object This member exists and is object in case of success. This member doesn't exists in case of error.
error Object This member exists in case of error. When error exists 'result' doesn't exist.
Errors Array List of errors and waring during execution of command
id String It contains the same as the value of the id member in the Request Object.

In case of success 'result' object contains following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
ResultTable Object Hash map result in form Key = Value
ErrorCode Integer Error code of last executed command (Depend of Command and specific printer implementation)
Messages Array List of messages in process of executing command
Errors Array List of errors and waring during execution of command
Log Array Detailed log of execution of command

In case of error 'error' object contains following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
code Number A Number that indicates the error type that occurred.
message String A String providing a short description of the error.
data Object An object with same structure as 'result'. This contains particular information to the the point of error is occurred.

Web Appication Javascript Library

For simplifying implementation in web applications there is Javascript Library fpg-client.js which encapsulate protocol in useful objects. Here is example request:

    var fpg = new FPGate({
        URL: 'https//localhost:8183/print/'
        , Printer: new FPGPrinter({
    var args = 
        'SON\tOperator Name\n' +
        'STG\tProduct of tax group B\tB\t0.12\t0\n' +
        'STG\tProduct of tax group A\tA\t0.25\t0\n' +
        'PFT\tSample fiscal text\n' +
        'STL\n' +
        'TTL\tTotal:\tCASH\t2.00\n' +
        'FTR\tThank you!\n' +

    fpg.sendRequest(new FPGRequest({
        Command: 'PrintFiscalCheck'
        , Arguments : args.split('\\n')
        , onRequestComplete: function(data, textStatus) {
            try {
                var resultData = null;
                if ('result' in data && data.result) {
                    resultData = data.result;
                } else if ('error' in data && typeof data.error == 'object' && 'data' in data.error) {
                    resultData =;
                if ('result' in data && data.result) {
                    var resultData = data.result.resultTable;
                    // LastPrintDocNum
                    f['FPData[FPDocNum]'].value = ('LastPrintDocNum' in resultData)?resultData.LastPrintDocNum:'N/A';
                    f['FPData[SerialNum]'].value = ('LFRI_DocNum' in resultData)?resultData.LFRI_DocNum:'N/A';
                    // LFRI_DateTime
                    f['FPData[FPDocDate]'].value = ('LFRI_DateTime' in resultData)?resultData.LFRI_DateTime:'';
                } else if ('error' in data && data.error) {
                    for (var i in {
                            f.elements['Errors'].value +=[i]+'\n';
                } else {
                    alert('Missing Result!');
            } catch (err) {

Implemented Methods

FPGate Server supports following list of commands.

PrintFiscalCheck and PrintNonFiscalCheck

This command requesting printing of fiscal/non-fiscal check and accept as Arguments list of subcommands which generate content of fiscal check. Every subcommand is string in the following format: subcommand[\tParam...] Where subcommand can be:

Subcommand Parameters Description
SON OperatorName Set operator name
UNS DDDDDDDD-OOOO-####### Unique Number of Sell
REV Revision/Storno type
RTA RevType Revision/Storno type 'RET' - Return, 'ERR' - Error, 'RED' - Reduce amount
RDN ####### Doc Number subject of revision/storno
RDT YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss Doc Date/time subject of revision/storno
RIN ########## Credit note to InvoiceNum
RUS DDDDDDDD-OOOO-####### Unique Number of sell subject of revision/storno
RFM ######## Fiscal Memory number subject of revision/storno document
RRR Text Optional revision/storno text
INV Extended/invoice fiscal check
CRCP Recipient Customer Recipient name
CBUY Buyer Customer company name
CADR Addrsss Customer address
CUIC UIC Customer Unified Identification Code
CUIT UICType Customer UIC Type code. 'BULSTAT', 'EGN', 'FOREIGN', 'NRA'
CVAT VATNum Customer VAT Number
CSEL Seller Seller name (Not supported on all devices!)
PFT Text Print Fiscal Text
PNT Text Print Nonfiscal Text
PLF RowCount Paper Line Feed
STG Text,TaxCode,Price,Percent,Quantity Register Sell by Tax Group. Percent and Quantity are optional. Tax Code is Tax Group Abbreviation A,B,C...
SDP Text,DepCode,Price,Percent,Quantity Register Sell by Department. Percent and Quantity are optional. Department Code is programmed code of department.
STL ToPrint,ToDisplay,Percent Calculate subtotal. Parameters are optional.
TTL Text,PaymentTypeAbbr,Amount Calc Total and prints the Text. PaymentTypeAbbr can be CASH,CREDIT,CHECK,DEBIT_CARD,CUSTOM1,CUSTOM2,CUSTOM3,CUSTOM4. Amount is Sum paid by customer.
CMD Command,Params... Call custom printer command. Depending on printer model behavior will be different.
FTR Footer text Print footer text before close check.

PFT and PNT supports some simple formatting syntax in the following from. @padl\tText[\tPaddingSymbol] - Align text to the left and pad to the whole width with padding symbol (by default is space) @padr\tText[\tPaddingSymbol] - Align text to the right and pad to the whole width with padding symbol (by default is space) @padc\tText[\tPaddingSymbol] - Align text to the center and pad to the whole width with padding symbol (by default is space) @lval\tLabel\tValue - Align Label And Value.


Prints duplicate of last printed fiscal check. Can be executed only once. Only one duplicate check can be printed.


Print duplicate check from EJ by document (check) number. DocNum=0000070 Document number


Sets the name of operator. Code=1 Operator Code Passwd Operator Password FullName Operator Full Name


Return information about current/last check.


Requests last fiscal record info (Data for last Z-Report).


Request daily report. The commend accepts ReportType argument that selects desired report. ReportType=X Requests X Report ReportType=Z Requests Z Report


Prints report by dates. The command accepts following arguments: ReportType=DETAIL Detailed report ReportType=SHORT Short report FromDate=2015-07-01 From date in format yyyy-mm-dd ToDate=2015-07-03 To date in format yyyy-mm-dd


Get printer date and time.


Set printer date and time. The command accepts optional argument DateTime where date and time is in following format 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:nn:ss'. If DateTime argument is omitted the current date and time of system will be used.


Get printer status information. The result is dependent of printer model.


Get printer diagnostic information. The result is dependent of printer model.


Request journal information and return it. Available only if printer support it.


Request printer journal and return it. FromDoc=0000070 From Document Number ToDoc=0000070 To Document Number. If missing ToDoc=FromDoc FromDate=2019-02-14 From Date ToDate=2019-02-14 To Date. If Missing ToDate=FromDate If FromDoc is used FromDate is ignored.


Register cash in and cash out to the cash register. Accepts parameter Amount which set cash value. The positive Amount is cash in, negative Amount is cash out, zero Amount prints current cash.


Sends raw command to printer. The command accepts following arguments. Cmd=CmdCode and Args=arguments.


Request printer to cancel all pending operations and returns it in ready state.


Request testoperation on printer and returns result. Result depends on Printer Support class implementation. Mostly get diagnostic information is used.

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