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MIT license

Stream Tweeter


Stream Tweeter is a social media automation tool that uses the Twitch API to publish dynamically generated content and information about a user’s Twitch stream to their own Twitter feed.

A user logs in with their Twitch account and connects their Twitter account. The user then creates tweet templates that can include placeholders for real-time information, such as the currently streaming game. The app subscribes to webhooks for real-time detection of a user's stream status, and on a configurable interval, generates a Twitch Clip from the user’s stream which is then embedded into a tweet.

Additionally, data about the user’s stream is regularly saved to display metrics and a log of created content in the user’s dashboard.


About the Developer

Developed and maintained by Edelita Valdez, a software engineer in San Francisco, CA. This is her first project. Learn more about her at or LinkedIn.

Tech Stack

Backend Frontend APIs Deployment
Python Javascript Twitch nginx
Flask React Twitter gunicorn
PostgreSQL Webpack AWS
SQLAlchemy Less
flask-apscheduler Bootstrap
flask-oauthlib Recharts
requests React Router
Additional libraries found in requirements.txt and package.json.

User Flow

The user logs in with Twitch.

Stream Tweeter - Homepage

The user is prompted to connect their Twitter account.

Stream Tweeter - Connect Twitter

After authorizing Twtter, the user can now see the interface to create/edit Tweet Templates and adjust Tweet settings.

Stream Tweeter - Main Interface

A user can hover or tap on available placeholders to see hints about how they will filled in when the tweet is published.

Stream Tweeter - Create Tweet

'View Log' displays a user's Stream Tweeter history which includes the user's viewer metrics, the tweets posted, and the clips created during a live steam session.

Stream Tweeter - Metrics and Dash

Stream Tweeter - Tweets and Clips

Special thanks to Create React App for creating an easy-to-use starting point for React and Let's Encrypt for the free SSL cert.

ForTheBadge built-with-love


Hackbright Project - Stream Tweeter - A social media automation tool for Twitch streamers.







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