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Welcome to the EDAMAME 2016-tutorials wiki!

##Overview Explorations in Data Analysis for Metagenomic Advances in Microbial Ecology (EDAMAME) is a workshop at Michigan State University, affiliated with the Center for Microbial Ecology.

The 2016 workshop will be held at Kellogg Biological Station from 10-20 July, 2016. We'll be opening for applications in mid-winter. There will be a modest room and board AND workshop fee charged this year.


##Overarching Learning Goals

  1. Increase computing literacy
  2. Develop proficiency in cloud computing
  3. Analyze microbial amplicon sequences
  4. Analyze microbial shotgun metagenome sequences
  5. Apply ecological statistics to analyze and interpret microbial sequencing data
  6. Access resources provided by public sequence databases

##General resources - other places to find intro materials and general help

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