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==version 0.6.0
* Updated Service to work with multiple types of GData4Ruby services
==version 0.5.5
* Fixed calendar::find method. Thanks to AB <>.
* Improved recurrence handling. Thanks to John Paul Narowski <>.
* Fixed documentation bug for event reminders.
* Changed license to LGPLv3.
==version 0.5.4
* Fixed Serviceto_iframe bgcolor bug
==version 0.5.3
* Fixed bug when loading event attributes when initializing
==version 0.5.2
* Fixed calendar.public functionality for making calendars publicly viewable.
* Fixed to_iframe output methods
* Fixed issue with creating new events
==version 0.5.1
* Minor fixes to to_iframe methods
==version 0.5.0 - MAJOR CHANGES
* Now using GData4Ruby library as base class for service, calendar, and event objects. This removed the base.rb class, which is now inherited from
* Added 'events' method to service to get all events for an account.
* Major interface changes to find methods - these are not backwards compatible changes.
* Changed Eventfind default behavior to search all calendars.
* Major interface changes to to_iframe methods - these are not backwards compatible changes.
* Added support for multiple reminders.
* Improved object relationship for events. Events are now service-centric, i.e. events are instantiated with a service object.
* Event calendar is now set through a 'calendar' attribute.
* Fixes to event recurrence handling and display.
* Added support for reminders with recurring events.
* Numerous improvements to performance.
* Calendar objects no longer have to query ACL feed to determine editability.
* Added support for event statuses: cancelled, tentative or confirmed.
==version 0.3.2
* Updated the Event.find method to support finding all events by passing :all as the query term.
==version 0.3.1
* Fixed Event.find method to work with secondary calendars and google apps accounts. Fix provided by groesser3.
* Added max results to Calendar.find.
==version 0.3.0
* Rewrote Event.find to improve performance significantly.
* Added improvements to event recurrence handling, including loading existing recurrences, changing recurring events to non recurring and vice versa.
* Added support for initialization attributes to Event, Calendar, Service and Recurrence.
* Fixed query string typo in Event.find. Fix provided by nat.lownes.
==version 0.2.11
* Added support for GML elements in calendar events. Fix provided by nat.lownes.
* Fixed event status bug where cancelled events were marked confirmed. Fix provided by rifraf.
==version 0.2.10
* Fixed library support for Google Hosted Apps accounts running in forced SSL mode.
==version 0.2.9
* Fixed small SSL redirect bug due to variable misnaming in base.rb. Fix provided by JohnMetta
==version 0.2.8
* Merged changes from edruder and h13ronim from the unofficial github repo -
==version 0.2.7
* Added fix for finding events in calendars that have more than 25 entries
==version 0.2.6
* Added fix for updated google calendar XML per
==version 0.2.5
* Added calendar color support to to_iframe methods in Calendar and Service.
==version 0.2.4
* Fixed bug with ACL check in Calendarload
==version 0.2.3
* Implemented to_iframe method for calendars and services to output embeddable iframe text.
* Added switch to turn off ACL check for public calendars. Can increase effeciency if turned off.
==version 0.2.2
* Fixed URL encoding problem in Event.find method.
* cleaned up Event.find method to allow for finding events by id
* updated Calendar.find method to add params hash
* added 'published', 'updated', and 'edited' attributes
==version 0.2.1
* fixed Event.find calendar specification
==version 0.2.0
* Fixed redirect URI query params problem
* Updated syntax for finding events to include most google api parameters, Non-backwards compatible.
==version 0.1.4
* Added additional search criteria for Event.find
==version 0.1.3
* Added support for authenticating with Google Hosted Apps accounts
* Added flag to indicate whether a calendar is editable
* Added handling to gracefully throw error when trying to create event on a non-editable (shared) calendar
==version 0.1.2
* Fixed to_xml dump problem with hidden and selected attributes
==version 0.1.1
* Added all_day indicator to event to indicate an all day event
==version 0.1.0
* Initial Version