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org-opml now lives at

Thanks to @tonglianheng and @bsima for taking over.

Refs: #12


org-opml lets you edit OPML files using Org mode in Emacs.

Let’s break that down:

  • OPML is a standardized XML file format for storing outlines.
  • Org mode is an Emacs extension for editing outlines (among other things).
  • Emacs is a powerful text editor and programming environment.

org-opml came about as Org mode’s outliner interface is just about perfect, except I was looking for a way to save my outlines as OPML rather than Org mode’s default file format of plain text with light markup.

Here’s how it works:

Once org-opml is installed and you open an OPML file, it converts the OPML to Org mode style text. Think stars for headlines, dashes for list items, etc. This text is then displayed in Emacs and you can edit it freely using Org mode.

When saving, the reverse happens. The displayed Org mode style text is converted to OPML and the result is written to disk.

So, in Emacs, you see Org mode. But on disk, it’s OPML.

I find this to be the best of both worlds. You get all the power of Emacs/Org mode to edit your outlines while the resulting file can be parsed using standard XML/OPML libraries.


  • Handles headlines, plain list items, and paragraphs
  • HTML entities (<, >, &, etc.) are safely escaped
  • Can set <outline> attributes via property drawers
  • Uses standard export settings in the <head> element
  • Follows the OPML 2.0 specification


  1. Copy org-opml.el and ox-opml.el into a directory in your load-path
  2. Update the path to, if necessary
  3. Then, in ~/.emacs put (load-library "org-opml")
  4. Move your cursor after the last parenthesis and type C-x C-e. Everything in org-opml.el will now be evaluated and you should be ready to start using it.

I have to think this can be simplified. If you know a better way to do this, please let me know.

How it works

org-opml consists of three files:

  • ox-opml.el converts Org mode to OPML. It defines an OPML backend using Org mode’s export dispatcher.
  • converts OPML to Org mode. It’s a Python script.
  • org-opml.el handles all the necessary configuration.

Also, as ox-opml.el is built using Org mode’s export dispatcher, you can perform a one-way Org mode -> OPML export by typing C-x C-e m in an open Org mode file.


Edit OPML files using Org mode in Emacs






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