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My shadow puppet configuration that I use to manage my desktop and laptops.

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My Shadow Puppet

This is a configuration that I use with shadow_puppet to build and configure my desktops.


  • Ruby
  • Rubygems
  • shadow_puppet (see below)


Clean system (Debian)

If you are installing to a clean system, a bootstrap script is provided to install any needed system dependencies, rubygems, and shadow_puppet. Just run ruby bootstrap.rb (might need sudo).

Set or upgrade a system

To run the tasks to setup your system (called manifests), just run @sudo shadow_puppet desktop_manifest.rb@. You can also make other manifests for specific systems with different configurations (e.g. web_server_manifest.rb, rails_development_workstation.rb).

Missing items

  • Ruby gems
  • Desktop config
  • unix tools (e.g. screen)
  • Passenger
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Adobe AIR
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