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A plugin for Redmine that allows users to create little status updates on a per-project basis ala Twitter.
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Redmine Status Updates

This is a plugin for Redmine that allows users to create small status updates about what they’re currently working on. You can think of it as Twitter on a per-project basis, within Redmine.


  1. Follow the Redmine plugin installation steps at: Make sure the plugin is installed to vendor/plugins/redmine_status
  2. Run the plugin migrations rake db:migrate_plugins
  3. Restart your Redmine web servers (e.g. mongrel, thin, mod_rails)
  4. Login and configure your permissions for Status updates in the Administration panel
  5. Enable the “Statuses” module for each project you’d like to use it on
  6. (Optionally) Schedule the Delayed Notifications rake task using something like cron, rake redmine_status:delayed_notifications RAILS_ENV=production. It’s recommended to run this every hour.


You can view the Status Updates for a project by using the “Status updates” tab on the project. Or you can view all updates by using the “Status updates” link on the top left menu.

Email Notification of updates

Each user can configure their email notification preferences.

  • Realtime – email notifications are sent immediately when a user posts an update
  • Hourly – email notifications are sent as a single digest email every hour
  • 8 Hours – email notifications are sent as a single digest email every 8 hours
  • Daily – email notifications are sent as a single digest email once every day

The scheduling and sending of the email will be done by the rake task and cronjob (above).

Hashtag tagging

If an update includes a word prefixed with a hash, then it will be tagged. Tagging updates is a quick and easy way to categories messages. The list of updates will then be able to be filtered by tags and the updates will appear in the Tag cloud.


This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT and COPYING for details.

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