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The issues page is here: Redmine stuff_to_do plugin Issues Page

Issue #1 – Filter list sort order

It’d be fantastic if this project had an issues page.

That said, here’s my problem:

The filter list for stuff to do is cumbersome as all get out; perhaps the ability to control the sort order of the list would suffice to make it easier to use?

Issue #2 – No plugin called ‘stuff_to_do_plugin’ [Resolved]

I get this error when clicking ‘stuff to do’:
Showing vendor/plugins/redmine-stuff-to-do-plugin/app/views/stuff_to_do/index.html.erb where line #32 raised:
No plugin called ‘stuff_to_do_plugin’ – please use the full name of a loaded plugin.

I apologize for adding it here. i couldn’t find a section for bug reports.

Solution: Make sure the plugin is installed to vendor/plugins/stuff_to_do_plugin
Note: if you did git clone you need to rename the redmine-stuff-to-do-plugin to stuff_to_do_plugin

Welcome to the redmine-stuff-to-do-plugin wiki!

Issue #3 – Access to contextual menu

I’d like to second Chris’ request for an Issue page! In the meantime, here’s a feature request:

It would really be helpful if the Redmine contextual menu was made available by right-clicking tasks in Stuff-To-Do.

I really enjoy working with this plugin!


Issue #4 – Merge the forks that make this plugin available to Redmine 2.x

There are two forks that make this plugin available to Redmine 2.x, which I have successfully installed in my Redmine 2.3.3.stable. It would be awesome if this “official” repo would support 2.x, too.

Issue #5 – Make the number of issues in the two lists configurable

Depending on how fine you define your issues, 5 issues can be very little. An alternative approach to changing the number of issues would be to limit the issues by estimated time instead of number.

Issue #6 – Add a “Add to ToDo” in the context menu of an issue

This would be really awesome, if there was such a context menu entry that would add the ticket to the list and then show the list (so it can be sorted to the right position).
Since we are planning our projects months ahead, we have sometimes > 100 tickets per user, so the list in the ToDo pane is now feasible for us. It would be easier to use the normal issue list or Roadmap to populate the ToDo pane.