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base fork: edavis10/redmine
head fork: jeremy/redmine
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Commits on Nov 11, 2009
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 config and gemfile 6304fde
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3, new files, config.to_prepare workaround, activerec…
…ord require fix
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 removed deprecated before_validate_on_create 2037cd9
@jeremy jeremy Rails practice is to start from schema, not migrations. Reinstate db/…
@jeremy jeremy Use ActionView::TestCase instead of handmade HelperTestCase fac1be4
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 deprecated RAILS_ROOT. Use Rails.root 4f0de22
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 config.gem moves to Gemfile accaccf
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 obviates engines plugin e194430
@jeremy jeremy Rails 3 deprecates 'validate' instance method in favor of declared va…
…lidation methods
Commits on May 26, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Merged Jeremy's changes (from Nov 2009) with Redmine master (at May 2… 3927635
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Gems listed on the Gemfile are now up-to-date 39a0550
Commits on May 27, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed application initialization and configuration compatibility with…
… Rails 3
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Minor compatibility fixes with Rails 3 dc43d5b
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed boot process 0c07190
Commits on May 29, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Updated the syntax of param filtering 5a365c1
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added sqlite3 to development 5f6c8be
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed RAILS_ROOT syntax 59c4381
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Updated schema 8661c78
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed some strings which needed to be marked as safe buffers ca7ac92
@goncalossilva goncalossilva More String to SafeBuffer fixes fea04ad
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added rails.js to the project dccddb4
Commits on May 30, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Merge branch 'master' of into rails3 3d34aee
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Updated observers syntax 8320a65
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Removed usage of Engines.public_directory 20eb77c
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed syntax for form_for ba4c275
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Removed usage of relative_url_root 04f2eb0
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Replaced RAILS_ROOT (which is deprecated) with Rails.root 3106b96
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Forms should be used with <%= 669b86a
@goncalossilva goncalossilva More RAILS_ROOT fixes 5c03269
@goncalossilva goncalossilva labelled_tabular_form_for is also used with <%= 7dfabc9
@goncalossilva goncalossilva More safe buffer fixes d01c96d
@goncalossilva goncalossilva HTML typo fix b0d73d9
@goncalossilva goncalossilva available_columns is a class method of Query, not an instance method 0226625
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added the dynamic_form plugin 21a596c
@goncalossilva goncalossilva RAILS_ROOT to Rails.root fixes in plugins c08e19c
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added the prototype_legacy_helper plugin 1edd86b
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added the verification plugin 8deb951
Commits on Jun 02, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed plugin init.rb location 513282a
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Movint plugin's rake task to the correct place 6010543
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Removed "shoulda" requirement (not Rails 3 compatible), added "test-u…
…nit" and the awesome "ruby-prof" as dependency
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Removed rails/init.rb declaration since init.rb is on the root 415cc23
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added a simple performance test c3195bf
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed duplicate rendering of some pages, caused by a method override …
…(and consequent need to use concat)
@goncalossilva goncalossilva A small safe buffer fix 53b3d12
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Added csrf_meta_tag to base layout so that delete links actually work e975a96
@goncalossilva goncalossilva other_formats_links should not be printed a1c9dbe
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Replaced :post with :delete on a link 79149a2
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Fixed usage of AC::UrlWriter (not in Rails 3), using AD::Routing::UrlFor 352a493
Commits on Jun 04, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva hack to give merge_conditions back to Query 6ff8a01
@goncalossilva goncalossilva fixed a few cases where block helpers and forms were being used with <% 02650d9
Commits on Jun 05, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Use « and » instead of html entities in strings, or else they're not …
@goncalossilva goncalossilva custom validations in custom fields is broken, fixing requires heavy …
@goncalossilva goncalossilva paragraphs in the middle of sums were removed e3b749e
Commits on Jun 06, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Moved mailer layouts and prepend it's view paths b0b4101
@goncalossilva goncalossilva No html rendering for now, Mailer is a bit broken ad271a1
@goncalossilva goncalossilva deviler_method is deprecated, it should be method.deliver but the act…
…ual deliver is absent since Mailer is broken
@goncalossilva goncalossilva more SafeBuffer fixes 0266b15
@goncalossilva goncalossilva fixed a small typo ae704d0
@goncalossilva goncalossilva removed partial usage in mailer views. Among other things, PATH is wr…
…ong in Mailer
@goncalossilva goncalossilva moved Mailer's layouts to the correct location 8cd24be
@goncalossilva goncalossilva small SafeBuffer fix 20f60a3
Commits on Jun 07, 2010
@goncalossilva goncalossilva fixed small typo 9a1d212
@goncalossilva goncalossilva AR behaves differently than it used to. Explicit left join was missing. bba1fe1
@goncalossilva goncalossilva removing argument of error_messages_for, since dynamic_form doesn't s…
…eem to be working
@goncalossilva goncalossilva small SafeBuffer fix 042200c
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Merge branch 'master' of into rails3 13652af
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Updated README with what's not working f147eee
Commits on Jun 25, 2010
@jeremy jeremy .bundle/config is per checkout 84b2054
@jeremy jeremy Remove vendored rubytree 1570ac7
@jeremy jeremy Update Gemfile to latest rails. Use git repos for ruby-prof and objec…
@jeremy jeremy Move ruby-prof out of bundle group aa99055
@jeremy jeremy load_paths -> autoload_paths 1ae23b7
@jeremy jeremy YAGNI Bundler.require a2f6597
@jeremy jeremy with_options requires 1 arg 2c5479a
@jeremy jeremy Remove old scripts, make script/rails executable ae82aab
@jeremy jeremy .gitignore .bundle dir 4567755
@jeremy jeremy Use shoulda 988b27c
@jeremy jeremy Fix repository_path 528b826
@jeremy jeremy Fix ERB syntax error df30e9b
Commits on Jun 26, 2010
@jeremy jeremy Fix Erubis compile error 7e023fe
Commits on Jun 27, 2010
@jeremy jeremy Use ActionView::TestCase instead of handmade HelperTestCase. Fix brok…
…en paths.
@jeremy jeremy Use sqlite3 1.2.5 d57e540
@jeremy jeremy Support .bundle/environment f8ee933
@jeremy jeremy Some html safety fixes ab1a5b9
@jeremy jeremy Resolve circular dependency between Attachment <-> Version d470f41
Commits on Jul 03, 2010
@jeremy jeremy .gitignore Gemfile.lock 146d354
@jeremy jeremy Merge branch 'master' into rails3