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Hi Eric,

This patch solves http://www.redmine.org/issues/4025

Although the commit message is partly wrong (time is turned forwards instead of backwards in october) it solves the issue. Although I don't completely understand why. Probably still some strangeness with day boundaries...


meineerde added some commits Jun 21, 2010
@meineerde meineerde Force string comparison for login search to be case sensitive on MySQL 5715c49
@meineerde meineerde Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/edavis10/redmine into edavi…
@meineerde meineerde Use 12:00 as a reference point for simple dates instead of midnight. …

In locales where DST timezone changes occur on midnight (like Brazil) the calendar becomes confused which date to show. On DST ends, the date sprung back from 2010-10-17 00:00 to 2010-10-16 23:00 in Brazil. Thus, the date 2010-10-16 was shown two times. Using 12 as the default hour for dates does circumvent this issue. If DST changes occur around noon or the time picker functionality is used, this still breaks however.

Redmine 2.1 moved to JQuery Datepicker.

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