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A system to manage the execution of a client contract by separating it into deliverables and milestones.


TODO: fill in features

Getting the plugin

A copy of the plugin can be downloaded from Little Stream Software or from GitHub

Installation and Setup

  1. Follow the Redmine plugin installation steps at:

  2. Install the Redmine Rate plugin

  3. Configure the Redmine Rate plugin to be loaded before this plugin (config.plugins = [ :redmine_rate, :all ] )

  4. Run the plugin migrations +rake db:migrate_plugins+

  5. Restart your Redmine web servers (e.g. mongrel, thin, mod_rails)


TODO: Add usage


This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.

Project help

If you need help you can contact the maintainer at the Bug Tracker. The bug tracker is located at