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This is plugin for Redmine for adding subtasks functionality.
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Redmine subtasks

This is a plugin for Redmine. It was inspired from Redmine patch issue #443.

Plugin's migrations support both methods of converting database from previously patch and migrate from plain, clean Redmine.


  • representation of issues hierarchy in issues's index page; there are three options here:

    • never see issues's hierarchy (sorting and filtering works exactly in right behavior),

    • always show parent (sorting and filtering works exactly in right behavior, but extra issue can be appearing to show issue's parents hierarchy),

    • organize by parent (sorting and filtering works after organize issues by its parent);

  • autocomplete field for editing issue parent;

  • issue's hierarchy on 'show issue' page;

  • progress and estimation of parent issue calculated based on its children.


  1. Copy the plugin directory into the vendor/plugins directory

  2. Migrate plugin:

rake db:migrate_plugins

  1. Start Redmine

Installed plugins are listed and can be configured from Admin -> Plugins screen.


Unfortunately, Redmine core tests which use issues.yml fixture will fail with this plugin installed.

The good news is that the plugin has each own test for testing its own functionality. I have added some hack to make the plugin tests working. The problem that the plugin should use fixtures for issues with additional fields. Therefore, when you run some of plugin's test all fixtures from Redmine core copy in separate directory and some of them are overrides by plugin's fixtures, then unit test runs.

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