Simple Sinatra app to list todos from Emacs with some organization.
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Sinatra Todo

Sinatra Todo is a web frontend to Billy Lamberta's todo-list-mode. It lets you easily group tasks by priority or tags.


  1. You will need a text file formatted in the format for todo-list-mode (See below)

  2. Clone this repository: git://

  3. Start the application by using rackup: `rackup path/to/your/todo/list.txt`

  4. Browse to localhost:9292

  5. Login with the user account: admin/todos

  6. Bask in the glory of a webified todo list


Changing the port it runs on

Use the '-p ####' option with rackup. I like to use port 4567 because that's Sinatra's standard port.

Changing the account username and password

The account is hardcoded at the moment just to keep prying eyes out. If you want to use a different account (or remove it altogether), edit the 'sinatra_todo.rb' file.

Changing the path to the todo file

Sinatra Todo checks for a todo file in three places:

  1. The environment variables TODO_FILE (e.g. `TODO_FILE=here/todo.txt rackup`)

  2. The second argument to rackup (e.g. `rackup my/todo.txt`)

  3. A hardcoded string, to my todo file at the moment.

todo-list format

The todo-list format is very simple:

  • First character is a number or letter, which I use for the priority (e.g. 1, 2)

  • A space

  • Bunch of text for the task

  • (optional) the task text can have hashtag style comments which are converted into tags (e.g. #ruby, #home)