Assets 3

This is a release of the mod for RimWorld Alpha 15c.

While the existing version was working for many who are running Alpha 15c, some people were having problems. This version is built against the latest Alpha 15c build of the game and so will hopefully solve those problems.

Note that you must be running at least version 0.15.1284 of the game to use the mod.

Also includes a fix a for an item spawning bug that could cause the game to get stuck during map generation.

To install:

  1. Find your RimWorld Mods directory.
  2. Download the file. Ignore the "Source Code" links. You don't need those if you're just trying to install the mod.
  3. Extract its contents into the Mods directory. Make sure that you don't accidentally "double-extract" the contents. You should have a Mods/EdBPrepareCarefully directory, not a Mods/EdBPrepareCarefully/EdBPrepareCarefully directory.