Code for the research project "A Mixed-Initiative Tool for Designing Level Progressions in Games."
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Progression Design Tool

This is the code used for the project A Mixed-Initiative Tool for Designing Level Progressions in Games, which appeared in UIST 2013. It is not intended as a usable piece of software, but rather as reference for other systems. Meaning, it's half-functional research code with both wildly out-of-date documentation and a lot of bugs. You have been forewarned. You can see a video of a functional version here.

Running the Program

The tool is a webapp backed by the Flask python web server, using answer set programming to do the heavy lifting on the backend.


  • python and all the packages listed in requirements.txt.
  • gringo and the disjunctive version of clasp (claspD), somewhere on the path. You can download them here, but you might have to build claspD from source:

With those in hand, cd html/ and run python to launch a web server on port 5000. Navigate to http://localhost:5000/editor/refraction to start the tool.