A homebridge plugin for controlling individual Harmony Hub connected devices via harmony-api
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A homebridge plugin for controlling individual Harmony Hub devices via harmony-api.

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homebridge-harmony-api currently supports Switch, Fan, and Speaker accessory types.


This guide assumes that you already have a running harmony-api server.

# Install homebridge
$ npm install -g homebridge

# Install plugin
$ npm install -g homebridge-harmony-api

or add homebridge-harmony-api to your install.sh file.


Configuration is as simple as adding a new accessories object for each device you'd like to control. Below is an example for an IR controlled air conditioner that I've taught my Harmony Hub to control. For more examples, see config.example.json.

  "accessory": "HarmonyDevice",
  "name": "Living Room Air Conditioner",
  "service": "Fan",
  "host": "localhost",
  "port": 8282,
  "hub_slug": "living-room",
  "device_slug": "air-conditioner",
  "commands": {
    "on": "power-toggle",
    "off": "power-toggle",
    "rotation_speed": {
      // the keys here correspond to the rotation speed percentage,
      // the values are the corresponding command to send
      "33": "low",
      "67": "med",
      "100": "high"


harmony-api currently conflicts with the homebridge-harmonyhub plugin. You won't be able to run them on the same host because they bind to the same port to discover harmony hubs on your network. My personal workaround for this is to link my Harmony Activities to HomeKit via my SmartThings hub and then using the homebridge-smartthings plugin. In the future I'd like to add support for harmony activities to this plugin.


  • Add support for harmony hub activities
  • Investigate adding support for more HomeKit services and characteristics


You can find me on Twitter @edc1591

Hire me!

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.