Tomography reconstruction based on belief propagation algorithm
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Belief-propagation for binary tomography reconstruction

This Python code implements belief-propagation iterations for solving the tomography reconstruction problem for binary images with a spatial regularization.


A zipball of the source code is available on

If you wish to download the whole versioned project, you can clone it with git (

$ git clone


to use this code, you will need the Python language, together with several Python modules

  • python >=2.6
  • numpy >= 1.4
  • scipy
  • a C compiler
  • optional: matplotlib (to plot the demo results) and scikit-image (for utility functions to preprocess real data).

All these packages are included in the usual Scientific Python distribution, such as Anaconda or Enthought Python Distribution


Go to the bptomo directory

$ cd bptomo

And execute one of the following commands:

If you wish to use the code inside the source directory:

$ python build_ext --inplace

(this will build the compiled parts of the code, using cython).

Or you can install the package in order to import it from anywhere in the system:

$ python install --user


run the script

$ python

(or, better, run the script inside the Ipython interpreter)