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Sinatra Rack Middleware OAuth Provider

An experiment in creating a Sinatra OAuth Provider as Rack Middleware, a simple OAuth Consumer and API wrapper to tie it all together.

The Rack Middleware takes a simple hash of OAuth protected paths (represented by regular expressions) and associated request methods.

To run the provider:

ruby provider.rb

Go to http://localhost:4567/

To run the consumer:

ruby consumer.rb -p 5678

Go to http://localhost:5678/

Requirements and Installation


sudo gem install sinatra


sudo gem install datamapper
sudo gem install do_sqlite3

OAuth for Ruby:

sudo gem install oauth

OAuth Provider for Ruby:

Since there is no gem yet you will need to do the following: cd lib git clone git://

Thanks to pelle, halorgium (for the auth_provider), and singpolyma (for the simple Sinatra example)! And to the Vancouver "Ruby in the Rain" event for opening my eyes to Sinatra. You guys rock!


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