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See eg this thread at CCTZ.

This all seems doable, but may need someone with more knowledge of Windows than me.


Upstream CCTZ relies on std::get_time() to construct a missing strptime under Windows. This is part of C+11, and that sadly requires g++ 5 or later, and the g++ 4.9 in the current Rtools will not cut it.


Master branch now has working Windows support for everything but strptime.

@eddelbuettel eddelbuettel added a commit that closed this issue Jan 7, 2017
@dcdillon @eddelbuettel dcdillon + std::get_time and strptime for the truly unfortunate. (Closes #9) (#11)
* std::get_time and strptime for the truly unfortunate.

* Took out the nullptr on MINGW since we can now support it properly.

* Reintroduced a scoped deleter to prevent memory leaks.

* Made %p respect locale.

* Fixed a locale bug and simplified code slightly

* Gave a sane name to the "parser" class.

* Removed testing code.

* Fixed compile bug (missed an #endif)

* Moving things around a bit.  Temporary commit to move the changes from my desk to my bedroom because my network isn't quite right.

* Examples now support least common denominator of strftime() support.  Removed testing ode.

* Fixed stupid syntax error

* New examples with compiler/os dependent format strings.
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