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I tried to build rprotobuf with a protobuf library install that was in a custom location (so that I had to set CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS), but I ran into an issue where the environment variables were picked up by the configure script, but at build time the paths were not set properly. I noticed two issues:

  • The CXXFLAGS variable is clobbered in the configure script late in the build process so that the value written to src/Makevars does not preserve the CXXFLAGS as set in the environment at configure time.
  • The LDFLAGS variable is omitted when setting PKG_LIB in, which means that LDFLAGS similarly doesn't propagate to src/Makevars

After fixing these issues, I was able to successfully build with a custom libprotobuf location.

chradcliffe added some commits Jul 19, 2016
@chradcliffe chradcliffe Fix building with custom CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS
* The CXXFLAGS variable was previously clobbered by a call to `R CMD
  config CXXFLAGS`. This commit fixes the issue by assigning the output
  of the call to a temporary variable and appending this temporary
  variable to the original CXXFLAGS

* The LDFLAGS variable is now used when setting PKG_LIBS
@chradcliffe chradcliffe Reverse the revision bump in configure b436e9e
@chradcliffe chradcliffe Restore AC_MSG_ERROR comment f748830
@chradcliffe chradcliffe Adding to ChangeLog 6d11b06
@eddelbuettel eddelbuettel commented on the diff Jul 19, 2016
@@ -4202,7 +4202,8 @@ fi
if test -z "${R_HOME}"; then
as_fn_error $? "Could not determine R_HOME." "$LINENO" 5
eddelbuettel Jul 19, 2016 edited Owner

That's a good catch.

(Comment belongs to, of course.)

@eddelbuettel eddelbuettel and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Jul 19, 2016
@@ -4263,7 +4264,7 @@ fi
## now use all these
PKG_CPPFLAGS="${PKG_CPPFLAGS} ${CXXFLAGS} $protobuf_cxxflags"
-PKG_LIBS="${PKG_LIBS} $rcpp_ldflags $protobuf_libs"
+PKG_LIBS="${PKG_LIBS} ${LDFLAGS} $rcpp_ldflags $protobuf_libs"
eddelbuettel Jul 19, 2016 edited Owner

Doesn't that come in from R? May not do harm here, but might get added twice?

(Comment belongs to, of course.)

chradcliffe Jul 19, 2016 Contributor

You're right. I removed the LDFLAGS inclusion from my working copy and it looks as if src/Makevars is populated with the LDFLAGS variable correctly. I've pushed an update that removes the LDFLAGS so that there's no duplication.


Thanks. Looks like a nicely minimal patch. All this is of course fallback mode because under normal circumstances pkg-config tells us all this ...

@chradcliffe chradcliffe Removed redundant LDFLAGS from
rcpp_ldflags already contains the environment's LDFLAGS so adding it
again to PKG_LIB isn't necessary.
@eddelbuettel eddelbuettel merged commit 77dd9d7 into eddelbuettel:master Jul 19, 2016

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