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Zombies are hungry. Can you clear all the orders before the time runs out?
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Zombie Diner

Zombie Diner was built in two days for Flatiron School's 2019 Gam Jam and won "Funniest Game".

How To Play

Zombies are hungry, clear all the food orders by adding the right ingredients to the plate before serving them.

Can you clear all the orders before the time runs out?

Demo -


Tech Stack

  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap


All icons in the game came from The Noun Project.

We used icons from the following artists:

IconMark, Leszek Pietrzak, Vectorstall, ST, mungang kim, NAMI A, David Ly, retinaicon, Victoruler, Vectors Market, BomSymbols, Audrey, Sridharan S, hafiudin, Alex Muravev

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