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% LICENSE(1) | license User Manual


license — place a license in the current directory


| license license [YEAR [FULL NAME...]]


license places a file called LICENSE in the current working directory, when given the name of an open source license, as listed by GitHub's Choose a license such as mit, apache-2.0 or gpl-3.0 and it will magically appear in the current working directory, with the current year and your name (see below).

| See the full list of available licenses here (omit the .txt): | |

If not specified on the command line (as the second argument), the current year will be as the copyright year.

If not specified on the command line (as the third argument and onwards), the license owner will either be set to the environment variable LICENSE_OWNER if set, or the logged-in user's name.

It is recommended to place this line in your shell's start-up script (e.g., ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc, etc.):

export LICENSE_OWNER="Insert your name here"



: The default license owner name (if not specified on the command line).


See GitHub Issues:


This script is, ironically enough, dedicated to the public domain. For details, see

Originally written by Eddie Antonio Santos