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Doge Balance

Dogecoin AR Target

This is a web based Dogecoin balance checker hosted on Github. It gives you a simple and easy way to check your dogecoin balance on your phone. What is special about this is that it also lets you check your balance in Virtual and Augmented Reality!

Basically what it does is uses the API to retrieve your balance and QR code. For current exchange rates it uses the API.


  1. Easily check your dogecoin balance
  2. Enter your public address manually or scan your QR code.
  3. Stores your information in a local variable so that you don't have to enter the address every time. Clear browser data or enter a new address to get rid of it.
  4. View your dogecoin in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality!
  5. Tap the Shibe's face to see your QR code.
  6. Tap your balance to see decimals if there are any.
  7. 1Đ will always be 1D but if for some reason you want to check the current exchange rate tap the top bar to open the panel. Tap that panel to choose or enter a currency.
  8. Now saves up to the previous 3 addresses searched. Tap the address below the search bar to see them.


For Augmented Reality you need the right target. Download Here

You can either type in your public address, copy and paste, or scan/upload your QR code. Press 'Find my Doge' and your balance should pop up.

Afterwards you can tap the dogecoin to see your QR code, tap the balance to switch to full decimal form, or tap the address to see your other wallet addresses.

The website will save your previous 3 addresses in local memory so that you can check all of them whenever you visit the website without re-scanning your address.

OR you can click VR mode and be brought into a full screen experience that allows you to view your Balance in VR. Turn your phone back to portrait to exit VR mode.

AR functionality is done using AR.js so it should work in most mobile browsers. For iPhones you'll need to be updated to iOS11 and have to be on Safari. It will ask you to allow use of the camera. If the page stays white then just refresh it and try again.


Live version here!



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