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Design custom notes for your TTRPG campaign (or whatever else you might need them for).

Check it out in action at


Feel free to file a Bug Report / Feature Request under the Issues tab of Github.

Or you can join my Discord server here:


Q: Why isn't my custom font showing up when I download the image?

A: Sadly, the html-to-image library I'm using doesn't work with fonts that aren't part of the actual page, so you have two options:

  1. Take a screenshot yourself. - Toggling the "Hide Margins" checkbox will remove the margins and allow you to manually screenshot the image. Then you can use an image editor of your choice to paste the sceenshot in and save it to whatever format you desire.
  2. Add the font to the site. - File a new font request or (even better) a PR and I'll try to add it to the site as soon as possible.