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Repo for you to raise a Pull Request for practice
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Hacktoberfest Practice Pull Requests

Repo for you to raise a Pull Request for practice.

Just add your name to the end of the list and optionally, a link to your GitHub account

How to contribute

  1. Fork the project
  2. Make any changes in your forked repo
  3. On this repo, click Pull Requests and raise a Pull Request selecting your fork on the right drop down

Questions can be asked by raising an Issue.

How to clone repo and make changes locally

  click on the clone button (green in colour)

  • Using git on your local machine
 git clone

  • Make a new branch
   git checkout -b <name of new branch>

  • Make changes in your repo
  touch text.txt
  echo "Hallo world" > text.txt
  git add text.txt

  • Commit the changes
git commit -m "Initial commit"

  • Check the staus of your repository
 git status

  • Pushing your repository to github

git push origin <name of your branch>

  • Pulling your request
click on pull request

Hacktoberfest community

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