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Similar to FollowPHPDevs but for up and coming developers (new blood)
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Up and Coming PHP devs

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followphpdevs is a great site and idea, however most of us know and follow them already. So what about Up and Coming PHP Developers or other amazing contributers who we do not all know about yet?

An Open Source project, think someone should be on the list below, create a Pull Request.

How to add someone

  1. Update data.json with the following:
  "name": "Eddie Jaoude",
  "description": "As a passionate and Open Source Evangelist, Eddie strives continually to improve his technical skills by maintaining and contributing to many Open Source projects on GitHub",
  "knownForSrc": "",
  "knownForTitle": "DashboardHub / Dashboard Pipeline for your Development lifecycle. Focus on what matters to you - Github, TravisCI, Scrutinizier",
  "image": "",
  "twitter": "eddiejaoude",
  "github": "eddiejaoude",
  "linkedin": "eddiejaoude",
  "tagCloud": ["Speaker", "Coder"]
  1. Create Pull Request
Please include why they should be added.
* Gives back to the community by XYZ
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