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Secure and easy PHP database API for MySQL. Requires less code to execute a query and does so securely!


$db = new DB("hostname", "database name", "username (if applicable)", "password (if applicable)"); //Connect to the database with your credentials

//Get query will return the result e.g information about a user.
$res = $db->get("SELECT * FROM someTable WHERE something = :something", ["something" => $something]);
if ($res) {
    foreach ($res as $res) {
        echo $res->item; //Do something with the result.

//If you only want you get one entry (object) instead of multiple, getOne() is here to help :)
$res = $db->get("SELECT item FROM someTable WHERE something = :something", ["something" => $something]);
echo "Here's the item I wanted to get!" . $res->item;

//Run query will simply execute the statement. If it is a success, it will return true.
$res = $db->run("INSERT INTO someTable(item) VALUES (:item)", ["item" => $item]);
if ($res) { //Do something with the result
    echo "Inserted Successfully!"; //The query has completed
} else {
    echo "Couldn't insert :("; //The query didn't complete

Enable the PDO driver

As this database API uses PDO, it must be enabled first. To do so, comment out (remove the proceeding ; infront) the following within your php.ini file.

So that's uncommenting

;extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll or ;extension=pdo_mysql


extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll or extension=pdo_mysql


This API takes advantage of prepared statements. This can prevent nasty attacks such as SQL injections. A demonstration of how to use such can be found within the example

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