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sido (시도) meaning : Try/attempt

A very simplistic PHP unit testing library.

If you're finding this library of use, please consider starring it on the GitHub repository. It makes our night sky better. ⭐

Read the documentation here


composer require --dev eddiejibson/sido:dev-master

Why sido?

  • Simple and light
  • Provides test report generation in the junit-like style - suitable for immediate use on platforms such as CircleCI (no need to format it specially yourself)
  • 0 composer dependencies
  • Few assertions (easy to get used to) which still provides everything you need
  • Provides a Discord notification utility via a webhook (notify you and your team easily on completion of a test)

Basic example

require "/vendor/autoload.php"; //Require composer's autoload

//Custom options can be set. All are Optional
$options = [
    "report" => dirname(__FILE__) . "/reports/" . "report.xml", //Report location. Set to false to disable generation fully.
    //On test completion, webhooks can be run. You can set some here.
    "discord" => [ //Discord webhook settings. If not set, will default to false (not used)
        "webhook" => "", //Your Discord webhook URL. 
        //This can be created by editing the Discord channel and navigating to the 'webhooks' section
        "name" => "Eddie's test runner" //The name of the bot. This is Optional

//Intialize the Sido class and pass the options defined into it.
//The options array is not required and you may pass in nothing.
$sido = new \eddiejibson\Sido($options);

//Set the test you're currently running
$sido->setTest("Array test");

//Test array we will be using
$array = ["hello" => true];

//Add testcases to the test
$sido->should(is_array($array), "Be an array");
$sido->should(count($array) > 0, "Have a length greater than 0");

//Add another test
$sido->setTest("Random test");

//Add a testcase to this test
$sido->should((1 == 1), "1 should equal 1");

//And that's pretty much it...

Example of how to integrate Sido with CircleCI for automated testing


The full documentation can be viewed here.


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